Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sirius Pups of Australia

I found a great resource on the net for human-puppies.  “Sirius Pups” is a pack down in Australia which has a great web presence. is their pack’s blog site – mostly posts by their Handler, Pup Boss.  Many of the posts have great information about training pups, discipline, headspace…  Lots of good food for thought to be found there. is their alpha pup’s blog, G Pup.  He also has some good info about safety, gear, and such… including several short videos where you get to hear a German shepherd speak w/ an Aussie accent.  :)

Those into pup play should definitely check out what they have online.


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    1. Thanks for looking uber-hot in motorcycle gear! ;)

  2. Thanks for posting about us Pup. We have made a link for you from our section under affiliate links. Is great to see a Pup blogging out there, and lets cross post and promote pup play as much as we can. I hear from a stray every week, and there are lots of men (and women) who want to explore pup play. Your journal gives them a viewpoint and helps those newbie pups feel accepted and learn. It's also nice for us that are established in pup play to have peers. :)
    Hugs n tugs from down under
    PupBoss at