Monday, December 10, 2012

My Type in Men (or "Eye-candy of the Male Variety")

Saturday afternoon:
Ma’am:  “He’s a good looking man, isn’t he?”
Me:  *shrug*  “Arf. Arf.”  [I guess so.]
Ma’am:  “If he weren’t very straight would you have sex w/ him?”
Me:  “Um… No.”
Ma’am:  “Not your type?”
Me:  “Not my type.”
Ma’am:  “I don’t know, what is your type in men… other than Loki.”
Me:  “It usually involves motorcycles.”

Thus the question has come up, and thus it should be thusly answered… and  provide an excuse for me to post some eye-candy of the male variety.  Since most of my readers are bi or gay, I should, after all, be ecumenical.  (Hold on, we’ll get to the eye-candy.)  (STOP scrolling straight down, Tebow!  I saw that.)

So here’s my thing: Looking at guys, as a rule, doesn’t do anything for me.  Whenever I’m out in public w/ my gay friends, I know they spend a whole lot of time checking out the surrounding male “scenery.”  Me, I just don’t “notice” guys that way.  I’ve also seen (vanilla) gay porn and generally speaking it does nothing for me.  It doesn’t turn me off… but it doesn’t turn me on either.

That said, I do get excited looking at guys when it taps into certain fetishes that I have.  Fetishes are such odd things.  I know of guys into shoes, sox, sports uniforms, neckties, and other various random things…  Who knows why our brains choose to attach sexual excitement to certain odd things.  For me, there are two obvious instances: motorcycles (sport bikes) and human-pups.  I think nearly everybody knows that I have a bit of a thing for sport bikes.  I tend to bark at them whenever I see them – something I do reflexively irregardless of whoever is around me, which makes for an occasionally awkward moment.  *sheepish grin*  And sport bike gear has very much the same effect.  I don’t know – all that Kevlar padding and pretty colors…  Yum.  For that reason, here is a pic (of a guy) I found somewhere on the internet ( I assume, since that's what it's labeled... although I don't recall ever visiting that website) that I find super-hot.  This just drops me right into sub-space…

[photo removed]

I can build such a dirty fantasy around this guy… him punching and kicking the hell out of me and choking me half senseless before he bends over his bike and… er...  …

Okay, sorry.  Had a moment there.  *cleans up mess*

You may also have heard somewhere that I’m into puppy play.  I get a couple of different erotic energies from pups.  Most pups are snuggly, and scritchy, lick-able and hump-able, and just fun to romp with.  Then you have your Alpha Pups, and that taps into that whole primal, bighting and scratching thing I’m into.  Every time my Alpha Pup chomps his teeth into me I get all kinds of yummy-spacey.  (Well, except when he bights my nose; that’s just weird!)

Anyway, I have one picture here that combines puppy play and motorcycle gear for double hotness points.  

This time I do know the source: and he has a lot of other hot rubber-pup photos on there... but this one w/ the helmet and riding gauntlets was my favorite.  *grrrrowl*  I’ll be in my bunk… 

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