Friday, February 22, 2013

They call it Puppy Love

One of the things which (in my mind at least, and others can form their own opinions) separates puppy play as an activity from being a pup as an identity is the addition of a special relationship w/ an Owner based on love, loyalty, and service.  I’ve mentioned before in this blog that the word “fido” not only applies to a dog but comes from “fidelity” – meaning faithfulness or loyalty.  Puppy-Owner (along w/ the relations among packmates) is a special relationship that differs in some respects from other M/s style relationships.  I love my bio-dogs and they love me… but I don’t expect them to behave like my slaves.  Hell, Branwen has a husky-brain and Thunder is a wolf, so either of them listens like a brick.  But even Thunder provides a form of “service” in his own clumsy, dim-witted fashion (I’m a wolfhound; it’s my prerogative to tease the wolf) by being unconditionally loving, loyal, playful, and making me smile and laugh... the same service that I always strive to provide for my fantastic Owner.

Bootbrush recently posted this wonderful thought: “Any fool who is strong enough can take a helpless boy and inflict pain on him until he breaks - but it takes a real Master to have a man kneel and submit to whatever He wishes to give - and to do so by his own free will, and as an act of pure devotion.   And it takes a real Man and Brother to accept that surrender and reward it with His love and protection.  That is BDSM - and that is something to champion and celebrate.”

Pup Boss Jyan also recently posted something insightful: “Puppy love is when a pup relies on his owner and trainer and trusts he is cared for. AS a pup you open yourself up to develop and grow your pup self. Your owner and trainer are your guides, your inspiration, your love. It can be distressing for a pup to be separated from his owner, because that love from his owner makes him feel safe. It is like being a child to a loving parent, except the roles have obviously been abstracted a bit and changed - unless your upbringing was very very strange. It's through the fantasy and the roleplay that you can let go pup and put yourself in another's tender care again as you once did in your much younger years.”

I think something that really defines what makes a human-pup is that way that pup relates to his Owner and packmates – w/ love, loyalty, service and support… w/ a strong sense of fun and play!  I’ve posted this video before, but it’s worth re-posting b/c I love it.  :)

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