Monday, March 25, 2013

“Oh, I get it! Puppy Play is Fun!”

I had a great opportunity last weekend.  My pack-mates from Atlanta came up to NC to do a puppy play class for my home club, CAPEX.  I love any opportunity to pup-out and mosh, but I was particularly happy to be able to introduce my CAPEX family to my pack-mates.  *wags*

The weekend started Friday night at the Treehouse.  I don’t think Shdwkitten will mind me mentioning that she was initially feeling a little overwhelmed as the only girl present; we had three pups up from GA and Max (our “one man wolf pack”) from TN.  It was looking like we’d have two or three more pups present (which would have made for quite a mosh!), but Ma’am was a little relieved that it turned out to be just the five of us.  We got some alcohol flowing, and everybody had fun, and I was really happy to see Shdwkitten quickly relax around everybody.  I mean – most of our friends are gay, lesbian, or bisexual, and Ma’am has been to the Eagle and the Woodshed many times… but I think she was just a little nervous at being the only girl present around like up-to seven gay men. But like I said, everybody gets-along well, and everybody felt very at-home, and we all had lots of fun (including the bio-dogs, the cat, and the Things).

Saturday, the demo at CAPEX went very well.  I had one person tell me that it was the most fun she’d had “at kink in like… ever!”  LOL. Can’t beat that!

I personally really enjoyed seeing the light bulb go off over Winterwolf’s head.  It’s funny, Wolf and I have been friends for seven years (and I’ve been a pup for eight or nine years), but (and I didn’t realize this) he had never seen me pup-out.  I was a bit shocked.  It’s true that I rarely pup-out at CAPEX – maybe once a year.  I don’t know… (1) I’m normally the only pup there, and (2) I’m often volunteering in some capacity.  We used to have some littles who were CAPEX members, and I’d have fun puping-out w/ the littles… but the littles moved away several years ago.  So, I’ve mostly pupped-out at home (privately) or in Atlanta (w/ the pack).  So, anyway, here’s this guy who’s been my friend for several years and always known I was a puppy, but never saw me pup-out before.  And after the show he comes up to me and says, “I get it!  Puppy Play is Fun!”  LOL.  He’d always thought of it as a humiliation thing… which for some people it is -- we call them “curs” -- but for those who really identify as “pups,” it’s not humiliating… it’s just good, zany, silly (occasionally sexy) fun.  :)

We also talked some about pack structure.  For me, one thing that differentiates a pack from a traditional “leather family” is that there is no rigid hierarchy – we have no fixed, military-like chain of command.  Rather, like an actual dog pack, there is an Alpha who we all know is in charge (that would be Loki), and after that everything is rather flexible, organic, and slightly chaotic.  (As Sir says, “I have very few protocols, but one of them is YOU DO WHAT THE FUCK I TELL YOU!”)

Of course in my situation I am also owned and collared by the fantastic Shdwkitten, and her collar trumps everything… but there, again, is where I’m quite happy that she gets along so well w/ everybody.

(Although… she hasn’t met our hyper-active husky yet…)

 Anyway, I just wanted to say, again, what a wonderful time we had at CAPEX.  Thank you to everyone there who volunteers there time.  And, one more time, I have to give a special “Woof! Woof!” to Stick’s slave Maggie for doing the most phenomenal job on the decorations!  Seriously, check it out:

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