Monday, November 25, 2013

A Bloody Good CAPEX Weekend for the Treehouse Family

It all started w/ Shakespeare, sex, and white Russians...  Poet (my lovely Owner’s boyfriend) came up to the Treehouse Friday night, and the three of us had a “sex w/ Shakespeare” night: watching Joss Wheedon’s Much Ado About Nothing, drinking, and fooling around.  Saturday morning, Shdwkitten joined me in the shower and there was more sexy-fun time.  We ate jalapeño bacon for breakfast, puttered about the house, and listened to a podcast (Pop Culture Happy Hour), before hitting the road for Charlotte for CAPEX.

Twice a year, CAPEX does a “floor party” where we rent an entire floor of a hotel and set-up like 6 or 7 play-stations.  This year, we were unable to schedule our usual Halloween floor party (typically our biggest event of the year) due to a conflict w/ the hotel’s schedule… so we had a Nightmare Before Christmas floor party in November!  And it worked out great.  We had 90+ RSVP’s, sold out all the rooms on our floor and several overflow rooms, and had three venders there (which allowed Ma’am to get a little of our holiday shopping done).

I helped set-up and decorate for the party while Kitten and Poet got our room ready for their photo shoot.  We had to skip the demo and go for food early so we could do the photo shoot before the party started.  After an excellent meal at Red Lobster, it was time for latex, blood, and photography.  Ma’am and Poet have been planning a cutting scene inspired by the fetish-y horror film American Mary.  We’d hung-up plastic drop-cloth on the walls and laid a plastic sheet over the bed, and then we splashed some stage blood on the walls.  We got a few drops on the ceiling, which led to: “You got blood on the ceiling.”  (Hopefully the first time that has been said at CAPEX – b/c I know “You got blood on the walls” has been said before: my blood, not stage).  My Owner looked amazingly sexy in latex panties, rubber gloves, and a latex apron.  One of our friends took photos during the scene.  So far, we’ve only seen the raw footage, but it looked really hot!

Cutting over, Ma’am and Poet showered, and then my Owner and her hound got into our Nightmare Before Christmas costumes.  She dressed as Sally, and I was (of course) Zero the ghost dog.  We ended up winning first place in the costume contest. Yea!

Meanwhile, our roommates arrived at the party: Noir and SanguineSnow (who is my Owner’s Ma’am) and hour friend Red, who we were extra happy to see b/c w haven’t seen much of her in almost a year.

Back in our hotel room, Poet got out his violet wand and played w/ Ma’am, and when she had the probe, I got zapped a little myself.  Then I (out of costume) put on my leather pup hood.  I already had my tail in.  I am really happy w/ my tail from  I have the long tail (extra wiggly-waggy) w/ the larger plug; it stays in great for hours and feels fantastic.  My Owner led me about on-leash and all fours, and I got lots of scritches and pets.  Noir put Sanguine on a cross and beat her off – twice.  That led to another break in our hotel room… where Poet and Noir put some great-looking rope harnesses on Sanguine and my lovely Owner.  Really nice rope-work.

After some more mingling, birthday cake, and hanging-out w/ our peeps, we returned to the hotel room for some serious sexy-fun time.  After I got to watch an amazing threesome, I got pounced by a beautiful lady w/ a strap-on.  While she was taking me from behind, her Sir started cane-ing her.  Thus, she said: “I feel very English right now: buggering you while I get cane-ed.”

“Oh,” I said, “I thought you were going to say it was b/c you were fucking the Irish.”

Lots of laughter… and more buggering!  (Yummy, yummy, happy puppy butt wiggles!)  And we never even fired-up the fucking machine.  We finished off three bottles of red wine, I stole some cookies from Stick’s room… and we all collapsed in bed (well, the puppy was on the floor) around 3:30 AM.

We had a super-fantastic time at the party!  I want to thank the CAPEX Board and volunteers, but I especially want to thank Stick and his Maggie.  Stick has been Social director for, I think, four years… which I think would tie him w/ the record held by NCMaster.  He does an awesome job, and our community is very lucky to have him.  And Maggie’s decorations are always waaaaay cool!  The place looked spectacular.  Lots of cool costumes, too.  I was so busy myself that I didn’t get a chance to watch anyone else play, but the energy was great.

CAPEX has an event each month, usually on the fourth Saturday, but our next, big floor party will be in February (our Bloody Valentine floor party).  If you can make it, you should.  They’re always lots of fun.

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