Monday, April 21, 2014

Frolicon 2014, part 1 of 3: Happy Birthday

I shall begin w/ my fantastic birthday present, which arrived just a couple of days before Con.  I had done pup play for many years (like six) w/o any real pup gear.  I like the gear, but (a) it’s expensive, (b) I’m an “innate pup” who really doesn’t actually need the gear to get into headspace and have a great time, and (c) my Owner doesn’t really like bodysuits, rubber, or (especially) hoods.  (She thinks hoods are creepy.)  At Frolicon 2011, Ma’am let buy my first real piece of gear (not counting knee pads): my wonderful puppy tail from  (That was also the year I played w/ Sir Loki for the first time.)  The next year I got a basic leather hood from our friend Sven800 (Slaveoutlet on Fetlife) (and I joined Loki’s pack that year).  At Frolicon 2013, Sir and Ma’am gave me my fantastic leather vest w/ our pup patch (and only later did we learn that our friend Madjester30 made the patch, which just added to the coolness).  So, Frolicon/my birthday each year tends to be a significant annual marker on my path in puppyhood.  And speaking of puppy hoods…

My leather hood is fun, but I really wanted to add a rubber hood to my wardrobe, and those are expensive.  In fact, this was by far the most expensive piece of fetish gear I’ve yet acquired – but well worth it.  For my birthday, Ma’am let order a hood from .  It fits like a glove, looks great, I had the color accents custom done for me, and I get hard just smelling it!  Mmmmmm…new rubber smell…  So fucking sexy!  Thank you, Ma'am!!!!!

Here’s a couple of quick selfies, but I had some professional photos shot at Frolicon and as soon as I get those (can’t wait!!!!!) I’ll post them.

Speaking of Frolicon…

Ma’am and I have been going since Frolicon started – in fact, I think we were presenters at the first Frolicon – 2007?  Or maybe we just worked registration in ’07 and presented in ’08… something like that.  I know '08 is when Ma'am made Boy Andy bootblack while wearing bunny ears.  Anyway, Frolicon is always our favorite con and one of the big highlights of our year every year – and, as a bonus, it tends to fall w/in a couple of weeks of our birthdays each year (Ma’am is 4/22 and I’m 4/23).  For those who don’t know, Frolicon is a big (a few thousand people) convention in Atlanta that caters to fun-loving kinky geeks and freaks.  The atmosphere is very relaxed and frolicy; the people tend to be really open and accepting – very anything goes; it’s all good.  I’ve been to various other kink/BDSM/leather cons in the Southeast, but most of them are more expensive than Frolicon, smaller, less fun, and offer a lot less.  And it’s the diversity at Frolicon that I really like.  They have leather, furries, pups, swingers, littles, bootblacks, straight, gay, queer… an erotica writers’ track, art and ink, a gaming room w/ round the clock Cards Against Humanity, cosplay and a costume contest, armature stand-up comedy, a spa w/ massages, live music (not always good), DJs, party battles, whiskey tasting, Big Mamma’s House of Burlesque... and classes in everything from shamanism to shibari.  Plus, the dungeon is open for like 18 hours a day w/ different themed time slots like men only, women only, spanking only, gender queer, photography-allowed time, etc.  I think I heard that SELF doesn’t even have a men-only floor anymore, much less dungeon time.  Oh – and alcohol!  Did I mention there’s an abundance of adult beverages at Frolicon?  People are literally giving the stuff away – everywhere.

So, yeah…  Frolicon is good.

Alright, so Ma’am and I arrive in Atlanta Thursday evening.  We get are room keys and are momentarily frightened when the clerk tells us that someone else already picked up three keys to our room.  The people we were rooming w/ (Noir and Lilith) hadn’t arrived yet, so we thought they just gave three room keys to a stranger.  Turned out to be just a moment of confusion, and all was well.  Then we got our badges – registration went super-smooth – and then we met up with Poet (my Owner’s boyfriend) and my pack-mates Loki and Hunter.  This was Hunter’s first Frolicon, so I was extra-excited to have him w/ us.  *wags*

Sir had to DM the Thursday night party for a couple of hours.  Memory of Thursday night is growing foggy, and the only thing I can remember about that time in the dungeon is that Sir put our leashes on… but then gave my lead to Hunter and put Hunter’s lead in my hand.  Chaos ensued (he is called Loki for a reason)… which shortly led to our derpy Dalmatian hurting himself.

After Sir’s DM shift ended, we went up to one room party (he now holding my leash and me holding the omega pup’s leash) – and I can’t remember now which party that was… or anything that happened…  I know we went back downstairs to the concourse/smoking deck to meet-up and chat w/ folks.  Sir and Poet smoked cigars.  For some reason my Owner was smoking a clove.  Don’t know what that was about.  I was smoking nothing b/c I hate smoking… but it was nice to see everybody: Mita and Ruby and Winterwolf and Jaclyn and Gator and… oh, hell, lots of great people.  I think that’s where we saw the drow elves.  (Is it drow like slow or drow like prow?)  Sir handed me his phone and sent me and Hunter to get a photo for him.  Great costumes!  They turned out to be fun couple, and I got nibbled on.  *wags*

Eventually (around 2am) it was bedtime, and Ma’am sent me to bed w/ the puppies, so she and Poet could bed down together in our room.  And that’s where I’ll stop part 1.  More sex, pain, and misadventure to come soon…


  1. Hey, I got to try 2 whole ideas with the leashes before I hurt myself. That's 1 more than usual.