Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rubber Shamanism, Art, Sex, Pupy-Play at CAPEX, and an Article Link

Hello, Blogspot.  Thank you for not shutting me down – at least not yet.  Many of my readers may know that lots of adult bloggers have received a warning email from Google announcing a policy change, banning “sexually explicit or graphic nude images/videos.”  I don’t think I have any such things on here, so it looks like I’ve dodged the bullet – for now.  I just hope they stop at that and don’t go on to get rid of all adult content of any kind.

The timing of this is so ironic!  50 Shades has, so far, made $22.3 million at the box office.  Target is selling 50 Shades licensed kink toys.  At Target!  Some are rather over-zealously declaring that “BDSM has gone mainstream!”  And Google is banning sexually explicit photos and videos from Blogger.  *face paw*

I’m not going to say anything more about 50 Shades other than to say that I think those of you who think this is some kind of game changer for the BDSM community are mistaken.  It’s a little fad that will cause a little up-tick in bedroom kink and some increased sales for Adam & Eve and Red Door, but that’s it.  A movie isn't going to turn more people into sadomasochists, fetishists, or perverts any more than watching The Birdcage will fucking turn people gay.  You can quote me on that.

Okay, so I haven’t been blogging on here about pup play (and such related things) much lately.  I’ve been busy doing a weekly comic book review on Thoughtful Mirth, but I’m going to try and update this blog at least once every 3 or 4 weeks.  This week deserves an update as we had a great CAPEX event and I got to debut my new rubber suit.

I spent a couple of days before the event doing a super-fast mixed-media painting of myself to give to NCMaster to go in the education charity auction at Leather Leadership Conference.  If you want to order a stylish painting of Yours Truly, go to LLC, Atlanta and place a bid.  Support a good cause.

That was after spending much of the week before doing a painting of me and my lovely Owner in steampunk gear, which we gave our Poet as a Valentines Day present.

I want to start-up a little side biz doing portraits on commission, specializing in fetish, cos-play, and steampunk portraits.  If you are interested in me painting you in your favorite get-up, contact me.  Pupemrys@gmail.com

Meanwhile, CAPEX.  CAPEX was fun.  It was great to have so many of us all together:
  • Ma’am and Poet (my Owner and her boyfriend)
  • Cuddles (my omega pup)
  • Sir Alan and Nitro (my Alpha’s leather brother)
  • And packmates Gwynn, Bishop, and Hunter
We all missed Sir Loki a lot!  Since our Alpha moved to DC a few months ago we’ve been adjusting to that, and it’s still a learning process.  I want to blog more about it… but I need to wait to have a little distance first so that we’re not all still in the middle of trying to figure out how this is going to work.

The CAPEX demo was great: Sir Alan and Pup Nitro, who are fantastic presenters, did hot wax mummification.  They wrapped their boy in shrink wrap and then ladled hot wax on top of him (which, of course, causes the plastic to shrink when it heats up).  We then had a wonderful dinner together: pretty much just family and pack.

The best part of the play party that night, for me, was being able to pup-out in my full rubber skin for two or three hours.  This was my first public outing in full latex.  Hood by Wet Hot Rubber, body suit by Latexcatfish, tail by Fetishzone.net and paw-mitts.  It took about 30-40 minutes to get suited up… but is soooooo worth it!

For me, pup play is a very shmanic kind of thing.  It’s a spiritual transformation that is aided by the physical transformation (i.e. the rubber).  Getting suited-up and pulling the hood on is also a gradual, ritualistic shift in head-space.  Lately, I’ve been listening to some hypno vids on Youtube.  Two or three weeks ago I found these dog transformation hypno vids by Jacqueline Powers.  I’ve never actually been hypnotized by them, but listening to them now and then has helped keep my canine headspace close at hand, and I think it made it easier to drop into headspace once I was suited-up, on all fours, and on-leash.

On the other end of the leash, my adorable packmate Hunter acted as Handler for both me and Cuddles.  He did a really great job!  He took good care of me, kept me hydrated and allowed plenty of rest breaks.  Helped me out of my rubber when I finally got too hot.  Put me in the shower, cleaned my rubber for me… and then gave me a nice, relaxing handjob.  Being wrapped in rubber and on all fours had its usual effect on me: leaving me horny and hungry for sex.  Hunter obliged me by getting me off and giving me a bone to put in my mouth.  ;)

Later that night, another of my packmates, Bishop, had a go at me.  Actually, the way that came about was funny.  We were standing around talking, and Bishop walked up behind me and kneed me in the butt.

Me:  “You just kicked my butt!”
Bish:  “No.  I kneed your butt.”
Me:  “You need my butt?”
Bish:  “Yes.”
Kitten:  “You can fuck his butt if you need it.”
Me and Bish:  “Wait-What!?”

And that’s how I got drug back to his hotel room, and Bishop fucked me while Hunter and Gwynn took pictures.  Yay!

One final thing, changing gears: I want to direct you to a recently published pup play article I came across:

“Bare-assed except for tail-shaped butt plugs and Nasty Pig jock straps, sporting custom leather puppy masks and MMA mitts, several go-go boys hop and fidget to Berlin techno above the packed crowd. Huge cutouts of snarling pooches and giant bones loom over the dance floor. On the back patio, a hunky daddy dressed to the leather nines sits in a large chair, reading a newspaper, puffing a fat stogie, and resting his feet on a coiled human pup, who excitedly chews on a squeaky SpongeBob.”

It's a pretty good article.  You can find it at:

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