Tuesday, June 16, 2015

SELF 2015: Puppies!!!!!

Okay, I have had some issues w/ SELF (Southeast Leather Fest) in the past.  Partly stemming from organizing the con around a title contest that I, honestly, have little interest in (just not my cup of tea).  Partly from that I feel it’s overpriced; it cost more than Frolicon and I think the day pass costs more than Dragon, but there’s not enough bang for your buck.  Hell, at SEBB you get just as many classes, a puppy mosh, a photo shoot, and a free lunch, but the early bird price is $10!  (No, that isn't a type-O.  $10.)  The class line-up at SELF always seemed too narrow (compared, again, w/ something like Frolicon).  We would go as a pack, teach a Puppy Play class, and enjoy one-another’s company, but the Con programming itself always left us kind of lukewarm…

Well, I will admit, I was very impressed by how much of that has been fixed.  Pretty much all of that has been fixed (expect the price – but at least now you get more for your money).  The class line up was better and more diverse.  Even the crowed seems to be showing more diversity: more gay men, TNG, fetishists, and non-traditional leather types. I will tip my hat to Lady Catherine and her crew and say, “I am impressed. Well done."

So down to the meat of it (Mmmmm… Meat!):  Cuddles and I managed to arrive early Friday morning in time to get registered, find Hunter, and go to the 10am puppy class.  It was “Obedience training” w/ Sir Justin and Pup Tork (IPTC 2014 titleholders).  This was a good class – especially the hands-on part where pups paired-up w/ a Handler, they blindfolded us pups and had the Handler’s lead us through an obstacle course w/o speaking… then they blindfolded the Handlers and we got to play seeing eye dog for them!  It was a good exercise.

We had just enough time before the mosh to rapidly get checked into our hotel room, change cloths, and grab a snack.  The puppy mosh was fantastic!  There was the three of us, two female pups, and three or four other male pups at various times.  I was in my black zenti with my rubber hood.  I was really glad there were sufficient Handlers (including the wonderful Sirs Justin and Rob) that Hunter was able to pull on his Dalmatian zenti and join us in the mosh in pup-mode.  That made me extra happy.  He’s been in Handler/Top-mode a lot lately, and I like to see him be able to keep balanced.  Of course, he was still a very Topy puppy…

One year ago, last time we were at SELF, Hunter was my omega, and I was holding his leash (and there was no way I would ever let him pin me in a mosh).  Over the last 6 month, since our Sir moved to DC, Hunter has been exploring his dominant side more.  We had a great scene together at the last Atlanta Dominion party where he Topped me (tied me up, fucked my face, and milked me).  So, I talked w/ my lovely Owner, Shdwkitten, about allowing Hunter to explore being Dominant to me, and she granted her permission.  So this weekend I was working on being in a more submissive headspace w/ Hunter (e.g. sitting at his feet during class, etc.).  It’s sometimes odd since he is so much younger and less experienced than me and I was often holding his leash not that long ago.  Our joke became, “Hunter is my Alpha and my omega.”  So not only did he pin me in the mosh but he also proceeded to bite me… hard… repeatedly.  The first time he pounced me all four Handlers came over and gathered around us to see if I was okay.  Hunter kept attacking me, and they could see that I was rock hard, so they correctly figured out that I liked it.  They continued to watch less b/c they were concerned than the fact they were enjoying the show.  ;)

Once the mosh ended and we got back up to our hotel room, Hunter did something about my getting hard.  He locked me in a chastity cage.  As of that date I was already at nearly 2 weeks w/o cumming…  Next, Hunter proceeded to put Cuddles in a straightjacket, gag, and hood and chain him to the bed.  Then, while we waited for or dinner to be delivered, we both proceeded to edge the pug and turn him into a moaning, pleading puddle of goo.  Cuddles got off just before our food got there.

Ma’am and Poet arrived at the room not far behind our dinner.  We hung out and I got my rubber suit on.  The plan was for the puppies to rush the stage at the opening of the contest show.  While we waited for the show to start, we got a pack photo made by the SELF photographer. 

 Then, the show started and seven puppies rushed Optimus (the MC) on the stage while “Who Let the Dogs Out?” played.  It was awesome fun!  Unfortunately, my kneepads slipped.  I foolishly wore my soft, slip-on pads rather than my strap-on skateboard pads.  Dumb.  This resulted in small tears in both knees of my rubber suit.  Fortunately, the awesomely talented Poet can patch them, but it meant my latex skin was out of commission for the remainder of the con.  (This tuned out to be okay b/c the hotel AC broke down the next day and it would have been too hot for rubber anyway.)

We skipped the rest of the stage show to head upstairs and get changed, hung out w/ friends… wandered… visited the men-only dungeon… saw a St. Andrew’s Cross get literally destroyed (Hulk smash!)… and Hunter found a hot guy to spend the night with.  I spent the night cuddling w/ my omega pup… locked in chastity.  Bark.

Saturday started way too early w/ a 9:30am puppy class: “Training the Trainer” w/ Sir Rob and Sea Wolf (Southeast Pup 2015).  Our friend Gator joined us for the day.  He’s curious about puppy Handling and wanted to come to the classes today to do some research.  He also surprised me w/ a gift: a very cool acrylic paddle w/ a picture of a wolfhound etched into it.  It looks great!  https://fetlife.com/users/2773016/pictures/39248070

After the class we gathered at a prearranged meeting out on the patio where a little surprise was awaiting Cuddles.  NCMaster presented our pug with a great-looking pair of leather boots.  We’ve all watched little Cuddles grow a lot over the year or two, and now he’s stepped up to help run Charlotte TNG, so this was a very nice way of recognizing him… and it meant we could get rid of his ugly shoes.  He had these awful, brown, slip-on things.  We tried to set fire to them but they wouldn’t burn.

Gator had lunch w/ my pack offsite, fun was had, and we made it back in time for Sir Justin’s class in “Pup Roles.”  This was one of the best classes I’ve seen!  It’s not just about puppy roles and dynamics w/in pup packs – it actually applies to much of the modern fetish/BDSM/TNG/New Guard scene, and a lot of it resonated w/ our pack and poly family.  I want to write more about it, but it will have to be a separate post…

Next was the final puppy class, “Advanced Pup Training” w/ Rob and Sea Wolf.  I am so thrilled w/ how SELF stepped-up their puppy game this year: four classes and a mosh!  It’s great to see so much support for our piece of the community.

After that class we had to (try to) grab a quick bite in the hotel restaurant before the 7:30 puppy photo shoot.  It was a “business dinner” so we could talk about plans for the puppy programming for next spring’s Frolicon.  Frolicon is also stepping-up its puppy game.  I will be teaching two pup classes, we will have a mosh, and Gator is going to host a Puppy Olympics.  Lots of fun for puppies to be had at Frolicon next year!  (And my pack is going to be soooo busy…)  Well, the service in the restaurant was so slow we actually didn’t get our food or have time to eat before we had to go to the puppy photo shoot.  But we did make it.  

After that, Cuddles and I said our goodbyes to folks and departed.  (Apparently there was a Mama’s Family photo shoot afterwards, but nobody told me, so Mama’s Wolfhound was AWOL.)

I had so much fun at SELF.  Loved meeting Sirs Justin and Rob, and pups Sea Wolf and Tork.  It was nice to get to know Gator a little better.  I really had a great time w/ my wonderful pack mates: Cuddles and Hunter.  Being there to give Cuddles his boots was special.  It made me so happy to see Hunter have such a good time at this event.  I had a great time w/ him in the mosh, and I’ve also been really impressed w/ how he’s growing into being a Handler and Alpha.  I am always happy to have Hunter hold my leash…  And right now he’s also holding the key to my chastity cage.  Unless Ma’am lets me get off sooner, Hunter is making me wait until the next Dominion party… in like 4 weeks.  Little bastard.


  1. Hey. You're the one who said you wanted to be locked up until Dominion. I'm just giving you exactly what you asked for.

  2. I love your write ups. I can't wait to hear more about "pup roles"

  3. It was a good day. I'm glad you all included me. Thank you.