Friday, March 30, 2012

Background… Part 4, Working Dog

For two and a half years my Owner and I attended events at our home club almost every month… and we pretty much always volunteered to help w/ something: set-up, tear-down, food, DM-ing, decorations…  You know – the grunt work stuff.

Then, in late 2007, we had a “political” meltdown.  Three of the five board members tried to shut-out the other two.  They changed the locks, changed the online passwords, and moved the money out of the bank account.  NCMaster called for the impeachment of the ring-leader of the "takeover," but I was the first to call for the impeachment of all three of the rogue board members.  They tucked-tail and left.  This left us w/ three unexpected vacancies on the Board… and a couple of the veteran members of the club asked me to step-up.  So I did.

That was my first time on the Board, and it went rather well.  I helped raise volunteerism, implemented a lot of cross-training, and helped shepherd the group through the process of becoming a bono fide, legal, not-for-profit corporation.  I’d serve again a few times over the next five years, and my Owner would, herself, serve a year as Education Director.  I’d always been active in helping out, but somehow I had shifted from doing the grunt work to a position of *Gasp!* leadership.  This meant having to deal a lot more w/ the “politics.”  It’s been good and bad… but mostly it’s been good!

However, we had a real horrible time in 2009-10.  That’s when SheWhoMustNotBeNamed was elected to the Board.  I’ve dealt w/ personality clashes and w/ immature people, trolls, drama queens, and troublemakers… but I have never seen anything so foul as that monster!  Believe me, this was way beyond “kink group drama.”  She bullied people, blackmailed people, threatened to trash their reputations in the community, threatened to out them, to call the attention of the media, to out them at their jobs, to harass them w/ superfluous lawsuits… finally she lost it and threatened someone’s seven year old son: “I know where your son goes to school. I will come to his school, and I will come after your fucking kids! If you don’t think I’ll come after your children, you don’t know who you’re fucking with!”  That’s what she said in a voice mail she left.

Unfortunately for her, the loving and protective father of that seven year old happened to be an attorney.  From what I hear, a damn fine one.  He was promptly in the office of the District Attorney, playing for him the threatening voice mail she’d left.  SheWhoMustNotBeNamed doesn’t show her face anymore.

Like I said, it’s been good and bad, but on the whole it’s been good.  Still… it can all be rather taxing.  I have leadership training, and I know how to run a show… but it’s not something I really always like to do… I am competent, confident, and can get things done, but I prefer to be following orders than giving them.  By nature, I’d much rather offer advice than give orders.  Ma’am says I’m a good service puppy and pack-second; I don’t like to be the head-honcho, but I make a good right-hand-man.  :)

But by now, even when I’m not on the Board I’m never really off duty.  At this point, there aren’t any active members of the group who have been around longer (consistently and actively) than myself, my Owner, Kevin September, and NCMaster… so we’re pretty much in the role of “community elders.”  (Yeah, three Doms and a puppy.  Weird.)  It’s an honor, and I’m not complaining…  I enjoy serving my club and my community, but…  *shrug*

Well, we’re back to where I started in my first post: Lately I feel like I’ve reached a plateau.  I’m still enjoying my local scene… but I think I’ve definitely hit that point where I want to discover some new people, new textures, new play-styles, new sexual experiences, new interactions…  Looking to bring some fresh energy into my life!

So, I guess that pretty much completes the “Background,” and brings us up to where we are now.  Question is: where to go from here?

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