Monday, January 13, 2014

Atlanta Dominion: two orgasms, a 7 iron, and numerous of puppies

Yes, friends, it was one of “those” weekends.  ;)

Friday evening, my lovely Owner and I drove down to SC to the Poet’s house.  He had a home cooked meal and a tasty variety of micro-beers waiting for us.  We watched Pacific Rim (a visually neat, watchable popcorn film, but ultimately forgettable – and points off for clumsy exposition) and the BBC’s Top Gear.  I was very happy to be allowed to snuggle up w/ my Owner and the Poet in his bed for the evening.  Since the hernia surgery 3 weeks ago, I haven’t been able to sleep in my kennel (which sits next to Ma’am’s waterbed at home) b/c it’s been too painful to crouch down and get up (and often I have to climb over the two bio-dogs when getting in and out), so I’ve been sleeping (alone) on the spare bed in the guest room/art studio.

Saturday morning, my Owner got the weekend really started right by edging me in bed for like half an hour before she let me cum.  Orgasm #1.  Later Saturday morning found the three of us sheltering from a serious downpour while enjoying breakfast at Cracker-barrel.  Not long after the rain lifted enough, I hit the road for Atlanta, leaving Ma’am and the Poet to entertain themselves.  (They went out to the Warehouse that night and did a very cool-looking cling-wrap suspension – photos on Shdwkitten’s Fetlife.)

I arrived at Loki’s place early in the afternoon.  He greeted me at the door, I with my suitcase in hand, and I think the first thing he said to me was, “Is that over 20 lbs.?”  Then he took my bag away and carried it upstairs for me.  As you already know, I had surgery for a hernia just a few weeks ago.  They cut open my groin and stuffed a plastic mesh in there.  I’m feeling mostly alright now, but I’m still not allowed to lift over 20 lbs. for another month or two… and until I’m fully healed Ma’am won’t allow me to take a beating.  Sir was already informed of this, and so we just planned on doing some puppy play and bondage… maybe breath play… and my Dalmatian pack-mate, Hunter, kindly volunteered himself to take a beating for me.

A few days ago Hunter posted on Twitter that Sir hits like a girl.  That (1) assured that the Alpha was going to beat the crap out of him, and (2) offended my Owner (“What does he mean – hit like a girl!?”) so that she sent one of her evil paddles to Loki for him to hit Hunter with for her.  But not knowing when to quit our Dalmatian got a hold of Sir’s phone and posted on twitter from Sir’s account, “Apparently I do hit like a girl.”  That was probably not a good idea…

The doomed Dalmatian joined us at Sir’s place for dinner (a last mean) and a movie (Mel Brooks – Yay!).  Hunter went on back to his place for the night rather than sleep over.  The next morning I realized that this was probably b/c he didn’t want to be around when we went downstairs to pack.  Keep that in mind…

So “packing for Domionion” has continued to be one of my favorite games.  Sir keeps all his motorcycle gear down in the basement/dungeon, and while he was gathering his stuff for the party, I – just for fun – pulled on one of his sportbike jackets.  Then I pulled his black latex puppy hood on, which he proceeded to clean while I was wearing it (the fun way to clean your latex!).  Me + sportbike jacket + latex puppy hood = hard-on… so we soon ended up on the floor grinding and: Orgasm #2!

So I was doing great.  (I can’t tell you the last time I was allowed to cum twice in one weekend.)  However, things were not looking so rosy for pup Hunter.  While packing, Sir discovered that “the little shit” had taken his acrylic paddle and hidden it somewhere.  We searched about but couldn’t uncover it.  So, I suggested we make this a “teachable moment.”  When you hide the Alpha’s toys, he can always find something worse to hit you with.  I helpfully suggested the shovel…

But Sir wasn’t feeling it.  So, spotting his neglected bag of golf clubs in the corner, I suggested, maybe a 7 iron.  That was the ticket!

So, off to Atlanta Dominion! (After stopping for lunch at Chipotle… where we found the environment to be surprisingly cold, so we took our food to 1763 to eat before Dominion started.)  The party was a blast!  Sure, it was a bummer that I couldn’t get the snot beaten out of me…  But I had an awesome time pupping out and snuggling and scritching and cuddling…  And I really enjoyed rocking my PVC puppy suit w/ Sir’s latex hood.  I loved it!  I think I was drooling inside the hood half the day.  It felt so great, and I got lot’s of complements.

Usually I avoid mirrors when I’m in pup mode b/c seeing myself there (instead of the lanky, shaggy wolfhound I see in my head) messes w/ my mojo – but this was a whole different ballgame.  Every time I caught sight of myself in a mirror in the bodysuit and hood I got hard.  Now, is that not like the definition of narcissism?  What can I say?  I’d do me.

So, early on, Sir gave me a job.  He put a new puppy in a straightjacket w/ black-out hood, and told me to stay in body contact w/ the pup.  He said, “You’re job is to be a comfort puppy today.”  I happily took to this assignment!  My pack-mate Bishop joined me, and we spent a couple of hours petting and snuggling the puppy in the straightjacket while he made very contented growling sounds.  I left them temporarily so I could perch on top of the jungle gym cage and watch Hunter get his beating.  I don’t think he liked the 7 iron very much, and he certainly didn't seem to like Sir using Ma'am's paddle on his balls…

When asked if he'd learned his lesson, Hunter replied, "Yes, remind me never to piss off Shdwkitten."  (One doesn't know whether to laugh of cry.)

More snuggling w/ the pup in the straightjacket… and then Bishop set him free, and I quickly found another puppy to play with: Hercules’ beta pup.

(By the way, I LOVE the fact that at Dominion, when Master Dan is going over the rules before the party begins, that he has to specifically mention, “we have a lot of puppies here…”  LOL.  After being basically the only pup I knew of in the Carolinas for like seven years, I can’t tell you how fucking awesome it is to be at a dungeon party where you can’t throw a squeaky toy w/o hitting a human-pup.)

So, anyway, Hercules stuck his beta pup, Hunter (later replaced by Bishop), and I into the jungle gym cage together, and it was sexy fun time!  I couldn’t wrestle b/c of still recovering from the surgery, so if anyone started to get rough I just rolled over and belly up.  But I could snuggle and pet and hump – and there was a lot of that going on in that cage.  There is something sooooooo hot about two pups wearing pup-hoods “kissing” through the hoods.  Let’s just say that, had I permission, I could have had orgasm #3.

Bishop has already requested that we reconvene this scene when I’m fully healed… and Hercules put in a request for some crash mats at the next Dominion party for a mosh area; a good suggestion for an event that attracts so many puppies.

So, while I wasn’t able to get the snot beat out of me, I did have a really great time, felt awesome to be rocking the PVC/latex pup outfit, and really enjoyed my job as the designated comfort puppy.  Still… It’s just so weird to return from a visit w/ my Alpha and not have any bite marks on me…  But I’m hoping to get some of the pack to come up to CAPEX next month for the big February floor party – by which point I should be mostly healed.  Oh, Bishop….

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