Monday, February 24, 2014

“At CAPEX, We Love Our Puppy!”

My Owner, Poet, and I had a fantastic CAPEX weekend.  This was one of our twice-a-year floor parties, where we takeover an entire floor of a hotel.  But before the party, CAPEX hosted an excellent class by Catherine Gross.  The topic was “Seamless Service.”  It really focused on how defensiveness on the part of the sub can get in the way, and things subs and Doms can do to reduce defensiveness. Some of my takeaways were:
  • It’s a different world to think of the world as a place where mistakes are expected, allowed, and okay.  Let it go, and move-on.
  • Don’t explain your mistakes unless your Dom specifically asks you, “Why’d you do that.”  Explaining our mistakes is a form of defensiveness, and it’s un-needed.  “Neither of us are going to remember this in a month, and it won’t affect how she feels about me.”
  • (This is a big one for me.)  If your Dom asks you to do something and you know a better way to do things – don’t argue!  Let it go.  Ask yourself, “How important is it really?  Why argue about it?”
 After class and after dinner, the party got started.  Poet wore his tight, sexy pants, Ma’am wore a short skirt and her new insert-able tiger tail, and I finally settled on my Lycra bodysuit.  I kept waffling between that and my tight jeans and insert-able puppy tail… and I was even tempted to pull a Pup Tebow and change costumes three times during the party.

Ma’am got the party started by using a scalpel and doing a cutting on Poet’s back.

Shortly after that she stripped me, chained me up, and beat the hell out of me… including a bite on my side that is still hurting.

Back in my Lycra suit, we made our way down to Wolf’s den.  Wolf always decorates his hotel room at our floor parties and hosts some interesting “private” play in there.  At this one he had this religious theme going: He was allowing us to come in and confess our sins and then he’d apply the appropriate punishment.  Ma’am confessed that she beats helpless, innocent puppies.  Father Wolf flogged the sin out of her.

Next, it was time for Poet and I to play fetch in the hall.  Since Poet is my Owner’s boyfriend, we want him to learn more about being a Hander for me.  Unfortunately, I was a goof, and I forgot to pack my knee pads – the one essential piece of gear for puppy play.  We still played some fetch, but not for as long as I’d like to due to my exposed knees.  We broke out the squeaky chicken.  Ma’am warned Stick (our way-cool Social Director) that we were about to get loud.  “Okay,” he says, “Just close a door.”

“No doors,” says Shdwkitten, “We’re playing in the hall.

This squeaky chicken is the loudest squeak toy on the planet.  We’ve used it in the dungeon at Frolicon, and when I first chomp it, the whole dungeon stops, looks around, and goes, “What the hell was that!?”

So Poet and I have a blast briefly playing fetch together up and down the hall at the party.  Then, Ma’am walks me on-leash and on all fours the length of the hotel back to the food room.  On the way, we pass our friend Jade who pets me and gives me some scritches.  As we move away, she apparently said to whoever she was with at that moment, “At CAPEX, we love our puppy.”  *wags*

Ma’am and Poet curled up on the sofa in the food room and I sat at their feet.  Ma’am had to go someplace and handed my leash off to Poet.  Someone came up and asked, “Can I pet your puppy?” and Poet, being new to the Handler thing, took a moment to realize that she was speaking to him.

After petting, we tracked my Owner back down.  She had returned to Wolf’s den.  The three of us ended up on his bed w/ Red and one or two others in the pile.  We watched Wolf demonstrate the proper way to use a condom to finger fuck a slave.  I noticed his new gasmask sitting on the bed, so while he was “teaching” I pulled it on.

(Okay, normal social etiquette: Don’t touch other people’s toys or property w/o permission.  Wolf and I have known one-another long enough for me to get away w/ this.)

Wolf goes on lecturing and finger fucking his slave… and I’m sitting up on the bed wagging my butt and waiting for him to notice.  Finally he stops.

“Is that…  Is he…  God damn it, Shdwkitten, is your puppy wearing my brand new gasmask!?”  LOL.

We went back to a play station next b/c now it was time for Poet to top Ma’am.  He loves rope and put her in some very cool bondage – including tying her hair to the play furniture.   Then he beat her.

So now, she’s cut him, she’s beat me, and he’s beat her…   

After their scene, Poet made a new purchases from one of the two venders at the party: and anal hook he used to put my lovely Owner in some very interesting bondage – like tying her hair to her ass.

Ma’am and Poet dropped me off in Wolf’s den again.  She’s like, “Oh you can play w/ him or fuck him or whatever…”  She’s so giving.  Wolf pounced me, we had fun… Ma’am fetched me and we ended up in Stick’s room for the after party.  (Did I mention Poet brought back some reeeeeeeealy good whiskey from Gatlinburg?  Ye gods, yummy!)

Around 3am, I headed off to bed.  Shdwkitten and Poet weren’t too far behind me – and they brought Red w/ them!  More snuggling before Red left us to go find her own bed for the night.  That left the three of us for sexy-fun-family-time in the king size bed.  For me, the absolutely best part of an awesome evening was when Ma’am and Poet told me I had been a very good boy today.  *wags*

And then I got permission to cum.

And then I passed out – very exhausted.

It was a great time.  I wished some of pack-mates could have made it, but I’m hoping they’ll make it next time.  (*makes adorable puppy-dog eyes at Loki*)  The next CAPEX (March 22) isn’t a big floor party – we’ll be in our usual hotel ballroom – but Dale is coming up from Atlanta to teach erotic boot-blacking.  Poet is going to wear his German military uniform, because who doesn’t want to see a sexy German officer getting his boots backed?  Mark your calendars!

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