Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Atlanta Pride 2014 Photos

The previous post was a little narrative of my Atlanta Pride weekend.  Here I'll share some photos w/ you.

Here I am w/ my two omega pups getting suited-up before the parade starts. 

The "children" and I just chilling on a wall waiting to go.  I look like I'm grabbing a quick nap on Hunter's shoulder.

Getting lined up in front of Sir for the group photo of the Southeast leather contingent...

Beginning to march: an Alpha with three pups on-leash.

Finally a shot with all five of us: Myself, Cuddles, Hunter, Bishop, and our very sexy Alpha-dog Sir Loki.

Along the parade rout...

That's most of what I have.  I'll repeat my request that if anybody has or finds some photos of our pack, please share with me.  Wruff! Wruff!

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