Monday, November 24, 2014

Milking Machines, Pupies 69'n, Beer, Leather Vest, and 2 Good Questions

Last weekend was CAPEX, but I’m going to start two weekends back w/ Atlanta Dominion.  That Friday, Kitten, Cuddles and I drove down to Poet’s in SC where my Owner cooked a delicious steak dinner and we watched Restoration – this pretty good period drama w/ an outstanding cast: Robert Downey Jr, David Thewlis, Sam Neill, Ian McDermott, Meg Ryan, High Grant, Ian Mekellen...

The pug and I spent Saturday w/ Sir and my pack.  We called it a pretty early bedtime, right after dinner – but not before we put Cuddles on the Venus Milking Machine, a $1000, high-end, hand-free masturbation toy that can be used for edging or milking scenes.

Sunday, we brought the Venus w/ us to Dominion, Atlanta’s all-male dungeon party.  Naturally, a lot of guys wanted to try it out.  Because of that, Sir didn’t get an opportunity to beat the fuck out of me, but I did have fun puping-out in the mosh w/ Cuddles, Rex, Jimmy, and Tetsuo.  Hunter joined us and he and I enjoyed doing a 69 on the puppy mats.  *wags*  (Can't do that at CAPEX!)

It’s going to be strange: I don’t know how often Sir will make it back to Atlanta for Dominion from now on.  He took a job in DC and moved up there last weekend.  We’re going to miss him a lot.  It might end up being a little easier on me than the Atlanta puppies.  From me, he’s just moving 6.5 hours away instead of 4.5 hours, so he’s still a weekend trip… and the Treehouse is now the halfway point for gathering the pack, so hopefully we’ll have some good pup gatherings at the Treehouse/Charlotte in 2015.  Since it was a natural stop-over, he (traveling w/ the pack) stayed in Charlotte last Saturday and joined us (Poet, Shdwkitten, me, and Cuddles) at CAPEX.

Before I get to that, let me back-up.  Friday night, the four of us went to “Beers and Gears” as the Charlotte Discovery Place.  They do an after-5 adult only event where all the local breweries come out to share samples, and this one had a steampunk theme.  So the Kitten, Poet and I got on some of out steampunk-ish garb and enjoyed an evening tasting beers and playing w/ the science toys.

Saturday, we joined-up w/ my packmates at CAPEX.  The presentation was good – some cool rope stuff for people who aren’t big on rope.  During the intermission, we sprung a little surprise on my Owner: her official pack vest!  She’s been a part of Loki’s family as long as I have, so we decided that we needed to make her an official second-Handler in the pack.  Since, Ma’am identifies as a white tiger, we had the most amazing vest made for her w/ a leather white tiger carved and sewn into the back below our pup-pride flag.  Ma’am almost cried.  :)

Sir turned-in early after dinner, but I stayed at the party for a bit and did some puppy play w/ the omegas.  The bad news is that, during the mosh, I re-bruised my fucking tailbone.  *whimper*  This happened once before, years ago, and it continued to hurt for over a year.  I’m really, really, hoping it doesn’t take that long to heal this time – but for the time being, it hurts really bad any time I put any weight on my tailbone.  :(

At CAPEX, I got asked two excellent puppy play questions.  One was the basic: “I’m curious about this; where can I go to learn more?”  My usual answer to that is to point people towards the NoSafeWord podcast.  It’s a great show, and about a third of their episodes are related to puppy play.  The most recent one is about “the other end of the leash”: Handlers and Handler headspace… and the polyamours aspect of a pack of puppies (I wouldn’t know anything about that).  Love that show.

I was also asked an excellent question about: is it cool to approach a group of pups who are playing and (w/o being invited) interact w/ them, pet them, play fetch, etc. or does that violate their scene space?  Great question!  My answer was this:  If there is a Handler present, ask him or her if it’s okay to interact w/ the puppies – just like you would w/ real dogs: “Can I pet your dog?”  If there isn’t a Handler present, then I think, generally speaking, most pups like to interact w/ people and like people interacting w/ them as puppies, so I think most pups won’t mind if an outsider comes up and, w/ good intent, starts playing w/ them and petting them.  For the most part, we enjoy that… a lot!  And if the pups aren’t okay w/ that person entering their scene, then they will probably signal it by just ignoring them or turning away… hopefully no growling.  But, if you see some puppies at an event, feel free to pet them and interact respectfully – the whole idea is that we want to be treated like pets!  (Key word: respectfully.  If you act like an ass and treat them badly, you may get bitten.)

 A good couple of weekends... with ups (congratulations, Ma'am) and downs (we miss our Alpha already).  I'll take the bad w/ the good.  Woof! Woof!

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