Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Frolicon 2015, now w/ more Mama’s Family

Frolicon is always a big marker for me.  It falls on (at least twice) or close to both my birthday and my Owner’s (mine is the day after hers), so we always consider it our birthday party each year.  It’s the anniversary of me joining Sir Loki’s pack (4 years now, I think), and it usually brings some kind of cool milestone w/ it (got my first pup tail, got my first pup hood, first time I played w/ Loki was there, given my leather vest there…).  Last year was extra fun b/c it was Hunter’s first Frolicon.  This year was extra great b/c it was Cuddles’ first time.  And there was also a little birthday surprise for me coming from Pup Nitro…

In the past, I’ve done a rather detailed, day-by-day write-up of all our fun and shenanigans.  Search “Frolicon” in the blog and you’ll find all of those.  However, this year I think I’m just going to do the highlight reel.

I’ll start w/ the small negatives and get those out of the way.  Where there less parties this year?  In the past it seems like there were a couple of parties on every floor, but this year we found surprisingly few room parties to wander into.  (Our favorite was the Furry’s party.)  Also – Ma’am, Poet and I all agreed that there seemed to be fewer costumes this year.  Yeah, there were some, but not nearly as much cos-play going on as I usually expect at a Frolicon.

Pretty minor as far as “complaints” go, right?  That’s b/c I love this con!  Maybe I should explain, for those reading this and not knowing what the hell I’m going on about:  Frolicon is basically a kinky geek con.  Take your favorite comics/anime/fantasy/sci-fi con, throw a massive dose of kink/fetish/BDSM/leather on top of that, and then douse the whole thing w/ massive quantities of alcohol.  That’s Frolicon.  Other cons have the Mr. Super-important-leather-guy title contest… Frolicon has “Most Spankable Ass.”  That kind of sums it up right there.  It’s intelligent, open-minded, perverted people goofing around and having a shit-ton of fun.

My Owner asked me what my favorite moment was.  I told her it wasn’t a specific moment, but that it was just watching our young pups, Hunter and Cuddles, play together, tease one-another, and just goof off.  I adore those two and really have so much fun watching the relationship they are developing.  I can’t really call them my omega pups anymore.  Hunter was omega last year (/ me holding his leash most of the time), but he’s been playing a lot more as a Top lately, so “omega” doesn’t fit him… but they are still my “younglings” – my kid brothers in the pack – and I just delight in their energy and silliness.  (And a special "at-a-boy" to Hunter b/c he was Mr. Johny-on-the-Spot the whole weekend: organizing plans, keeping up w/ everyone, taking care of things and pups...  Thank you, Hunter; I was very proud of you.)

We had a threesome one morning that got so silly that, as Hunter put it, “I laughed so hard I lost my boner – three times.”  Not a bad thing.  It was during that threesome that we learned that Cuddles has an Islamaphobic penis… and that Hunter pulled the Gideon Bible out of the drawer and used to spank Cuddle’s ass while making him say “Hail Mary.”  (My comment: “This is what goes on in Git-Mo.”) Yea for goofy fun sex!

I got to play w/ Sir with Cuddles and I co-bottoming.  That was fun.  My pug marks pretty!  And I got to molest Cuddles while we were in Nigthwing and Robin costumes.  I tied him up and stuck a vibe down his pants – got quite a reaction.  ;)

The carnival was great fun!  I held-up pretty well in the "American Gladiator" game w/ the staffs.  We learned that Cuddles is light enough to stick to the Velcro wall - which was incredibly funny!  And we had some fun in the bouncy castle before Hunter had to bail out b/c he'd just drank a carbonated soda.

We had an awesome family photo-shoot w/ the staff photographers.  I can’t wait to see those pics: especially the ones w/ Ma’am and Poet in their Iron Skies uniforms holding their rubber K9 on-leash.  I think we made a pretty sexy trio.

Had some puppy mosh time w/ the younglings, and we were joined by a new pup.  We were already playing and one of our friends saw her come into the dungeon w/ her Handler, see us, and start bouncing up-and-down w/ happy excitement.  That was great!  I didn’t get to talk w/ her outside of pup-space, but I did meet a couple of other new pups.  One told me that it was seeing me and my pack at Frolicon that inspired him to explore his pup-side – and that was very cool to hear.

Next year our friend Gator has offered to organize a Pup Olympics at Frolicon – w/ some help from me and my pack.  Already looking forward to that!

I missed seeing this myself, but I have to relate a cool thing that happened to my lovely Owner, Shdwkitten.  She and her boyfriend, Poet, were standing in line for the burlesque show, and somebody came and pulled them out of the line and escorted them to reserved VIP seats in the front row.  When the first act started, the dancer came off stage, cued the spotlight to spot Ma’am, and crawled into her lap.  At the end of the show, Big Mama D did her closing number and then called Ma’am up on stage.  She whipped Ma’am on stage and then, in front of 200 people, said, “Happy birthday, Shdwkitten.”  That’s pretty, fucking awesome!

I enjoyed touching-base w/ friends I don’t see enough of outside Con.  I enjoyed spending time w/ my awesome pack and our extended family… which includes Nitro who dropped by Friday night for dinner and a little surprise for us.  When we were getting in the elevator after dinner he said, “I have something for you,” and I had no idea what it could be.  I really didn’t know what to expect.  Then, back up in the room, w/o any ceremony or unnecessary pomp Nitro pins me and then Sir into Mama’s Family.  So, now I’m “Mama’s Wolfhound,” and Sir is “Mama’s St. Bernard.”  Did not see that coming!

I’ve heard of Mama’s Family before, but didn’t know much about it.  It started about 20 years ago w/ “Mama” Reinhardt, a nationally-known leader in the leather/LGBT community based out of San Francisco.  It began mostly as a joke when she made up silly titles for her leather family (the “first ten”) and gave them little gold name pins – names like “Mama’s Baby” and “Mama’s Ho.”  Ray Tilton, member #10, explains on their website: 

“Whenever we would all be together attending an event, we would see someone working hard for their charity, or do something that "stood out” and say, "They should be Mama's _____.” It was always fun to see what names we would come up with for Mama's "next victim". Depending on how many cocktails we all had that night and who the person was; you never knew for sure which one would make Mama's final cut. Mama's parting words on those kinds of "pin naming" sessions would be "email me in the morning". Sure enough, next time we were all together and Mama saw that person, another pinning would take place. The pinning ceremony became quite an honor and usually the person didn't know they were about to be pinned. So the true looks of surprise honor and tears were a guarantee every time.”

The Saint Bernard and I didn’t shed any tears, but this was a pretty cool – and very unexpected – honor.  I don’t know what inspired this, but Nitro said something to the effect of, “Your good reputation extends well beyond Charlotte.”  *blushes*  Well… I just do what I do and try to make my Owner and Alpha proud.  The “motto” of Mama’s family is, "Do it from the heart, with manners and respect."  I think I’m cool with that.

So that’s the highlight reel.  I had a fantastic time w/ rather few complaints… and I’m already really looking forward to next year’s frolic.  Hope I see you there!

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