Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Charlotte Woodshed's Pup Mosh

The pup community continues to grow, and I enjoy meeting new puppies all around.  It’s so different from how it was 5 or 10 years ago when, for a long while, I was one of the few puppies in the region.  So much pup energy, it’s like going into newbie-sub frenzy all over again.

And if you’re like me and puppy play is also (often) a very sexy, fetishy thing, that also means being more horny than usual – which is also what happens when you’ve (like me) been locked in a chastity cage for 22 days… coming immediately after 21 days of chastity that ended last month ago when I was let out, allowed to cum, and locked right back up again.  Hunter, my young Dalmy Alpha, has me cock-caged, and it’s got puppy sex on my brain.  (I’ll write more about my time in chastity after this weekend’s Dominion party – should be a good story; stay tuned.)

So… puppies, puppies, puppies!  Friday night I was in Chattanooga, TN and managed to grab dinner w/ a couple of handsome young pups there.  One pup I played w/ last year, the single time he came down to one of our Atlanta Dominion parties.  He ended up locked in the crescent-cage w/ me and Bishop… and there was a lot of fondling, humping, licking, and all the general naughtiness that occurs when you lock three hot puppies in a cage together.  It turns out that was actually his very first public dungeon event and pup-out!

I seem to have a knack for finding hot, young puppies at their first event and then pouncing, licking, humping, and molesting them… because Sunday was the first pup mosh at the Charlotte Woodshed (gay bar) and I did it again. (I'm not a chicken-hawk, I'm a wolfhound!)

 Had a really good time there, and was super-impressed by their set-up.  They really went all out!  They hung up numerous puppy pride flags, built a large scale dog house, put down mats on the ground, had a fireplug available, lots and lots of toys, plenty of water bowls, bone-shaped pretzels, and (and this really impressed me) they printed up lots of signs and cards about how to interact w/ human puppies.  Very well planned!  The turn-out was small-ish, but not bad for their first event.  They are hoping to turn this into a quarterly event, next one in November – knock on wood – and so I hope that it grows and flourishes.  Puppies and Handlers who are w/in striking distance of Charlotte, NC, please support this event!

I also need to thank my two wonderful Handlers: Shdwkitten and Poet.  I know Kitten wasn’t totally looking forward to this: going to a gay bar, being the only girl there, not knowing anybody… it can be uncomfortable.  As soon as we arrived, however, some other pups and Handlers came over and introduced themselves.  Ma’am said that all of the event organizers, pups and Handlers were all very cool and very friendly and accepting.  Only the “tourists” (as we called them: the vanilla guys who were at the bar and were a little bewildered by what the whole puppy thing) gave Ma’am some funny looks.  Nobody was rude, but she did detect a few, “What’s a girl doing here?” looks.  However, I’m not sure if that confused them any more than the sight of the puppies chasing squeaky toys around.  I would really encourage female pups and Handlers in NC and SC to come to the next 'Shed mosh; I think you will find a welcoming, fun group.

My real hero of the weekend was Poet.  At SELF, I tore a couple of small holes in the knees of my latex suit.  Latexcatfish is inexpensive, but it also tears easily; it’s very thin latex.  Poet patched and reinforced the knees w/ some thicker latex, so I was able to wear my suit to the Shed… for a while.  While I was playing w/ an adorable, young puppy (the above pictured first timer – who was so fucking cute and had a very cool Alpha as well), Poet spotted a new tear that had opened in the crotch of my suit.  He patched and reinforced that for me yesterday (if you order Latexcatfish, be sure you know how to patch latex or know someone who does), but I had to take off my suit for the rest of the Woodshed event, and change into jeans and the rubber harness I indefinitely borrowed from Sir.  Ma’am said I still looked sufficiently hot.

So the Woodshed was fun.  I would really like to see some of the pictures taken of me for the Shed’s Facebook page, but the link to Facebook from their website takes you to a dead page.  Very frustrating.  If anybody knows how to find the Woodshed’s active Facebook page, please send me a link!

Playing w/ hot pups, Alphas, and Handlers while on Day 20 of chastity was deliciously frustrating.  Monday continued to ramp-up my sexual frustration as I found myself on FetLife involved in some heavy online flirtation w/ a beautiful rubber pup in the UK.  Woof!  Five days to go until I see Alpha at Dominion, and my mind continues to be bent around sex, rubber, puppies, leashes, tail plugs, and bones – big, juicy, milky bones!  *Growl*

The rest of you pups out there: stay sexy, stay fun, stay safe, and may your owner never play off-key.

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