Monday, May 6, 2013

Gay Bashing taints (but not spoils) Anniversary

My wonderful Owner became (also) my wonderful wife on Cinco de Mayo six years ago, so this was our anniversary weekend.  She spent Friday night w/ her boyfriend in SC, and then drove back Saturday afternoon so we could pick up the new car I(we) got her for her birthday (a couple of weeks back).  That is a long story in-itself and I will spare you (but as of today – Monday – we still don’t have the car).

Saturday night we went out to Domination at the Boiler Room in Asheville, along w/ Ma’am’s girlfriend SanguineSnow and her Sir.  They’ve been to a few of these Domination nights, but this was my first.  I’ve been to some things like this before: fetish night at the club.  That’s how I slowly got started into this lifestyle back in Knoxville in the late 90’s.  It’s not really my scene, but it can be fun occasionally.  Naturally, it’s a younger crowed (mostly 20- and 30-somethings), bar, dance floor, a stage w/ two crosses where experienced players are allowed to play (vetted by the producer – who we’ve known for years), and also a place to do rope suspensions.  The fun thing, though, is that Domination is very geek-oriented.  There were folks there last night in costume for Star Trek, Star Wars (two Ewoks!), Firefly (two Jane’s and two Mal’s present), and Dr. Who.  That’s aspect is pretty cool.  I also like that it was very pansexual: straight, gay, lesbian…  That’s a big change since Knoxville in the late 90’s.

Ma’am and I danced to some Concrete Blond.  Noir had a slot reserved for one of the crosses, so I had a great time watching, first, Sanguine top Shdw and, then, Noir topping both of them.  It was HOT!  While I watched some little Latino boy asked me to dance w/ him.  I politely turned him down and then it looked like he left the club – which is too bad b/c it takes some bravery to ask a strange guy to dance w/ you at a pansexual event, particularly when you’re the only Latin guy there and (I could tell) English isn’t your native language.  But anyway…

We were standing out front in the smokers’ pit, and I saw Blue leaving… but he had stopped and was yelling at someone.  I couldn’t see who he was yelling at or make-out what he was saying… but I kept an eye on him… Then I saw Blue take off up the long alleyway that leads down to the Boiler room from the main road, and I knew something serious was going on.  I took off after him and caught him at the top of the drive.  I shouted, “What’s going on?” and he shouted back something like, “There’s a guy up there getting beaten to death.”

Blue and I took off around the corner (he was able to see the attack up a ravine and through a fence from where he left the Boiler Room but to get there we had to go around a building).  I swung wide toward the street and ran up ahead… and arrived in time to see a dark sedan pulling away.  Blue was right behind me… and we were closely followed by Noir, his brother, and a few other guys, including the bouncer from Scandals.

The victim was a literal bloody mess but appeared to be okay – other than a probable concussion and a broken nose.  His very shaken boyfriend was w/ him.  Blue started talking to the victim and got him to sit down by a wall… so I started talking to his boyfriend.  They got jumped by three guys – who had pulled away in the sedan as we ran up.  The guy who turned out to be the bouncer from Scandals filled in the story for me:  Three straight “frat boy” assholes decided to go to the gay bar (Scandals – which is right around the corner from the Boiler Room) to laugh at gay people and start some shit.  They got drunk, started some shit, and the bouncer threw them out – w/o returning their ID’s.  The geniuses had actually started a tab at the bar and didn’t get their ID’s back before they were evicted.

The victim had now gotten back up and was trying to leave.  A few people tried to tell him he was in no condition drive, but he wasn’t listening.  He got in his jeep and started it up, so I walked over and knocked politely on the window.  He rolled it down, and I introduced myself: “Hi, Travis, my name is Emrys.” 

He was pretty shaken (in no shape to drive – I think he was disoriented) and his boyfriend was almost in tears and kept saying, “We just want to go home!”  I first just chatted a bit to chill them down a touch – the calm, friendly voice – then I explained that Scandals could ID the bastards, so as long as they stuck around to give the cops a statement then the three bastards would probably be in city lock-up before they even sobered up.  Travis seemed to think this was worthwhile b/c he got out of his jeep.

Shortly after that the cops arrived: first a couple and then like ten more and a fire truck.  They were taking statements from the victim and his boyfriend, Blue, and the bouncer.  I hung about w/ Noir and his brother and thanked them for coming running.  Blue later sent my Owner a fantastic thank you note that was something like: “Please thank Emrys and Noir for having my back. I felt a lot better knowing that I had a trained attack dog and a large black man backing me up.”  LOL

In truth, major thanks goes to Blue for sounding the alarm.  It’s sad, but I know many other people would have just turned and walked off – not my business.  If Blue hadn’t sounded the alarm and brought us running they may have literally beat that guy to death.

So… Noir, his brother, and I decided the cops didn’t need to speak to us, so we walked back down to Domination.  I don’t think I have ever needed a drink so bad, and after checking in w/ my Owner, parked myself at the bar.  I needed to relax and let the adrenalin pass.  I’m not a violent pup by nature, but at that particular moment I couldn’t tell you what I wouldn’t give to have gotten there just 10 seconds earlier.  Not that I have delusions of taking on 3 drunks myself, but I knew I certainly could have delayed them long enough for the 6 or 7 other guys behind me to have arrived.  The Irish Badge shows a Wolfhound w/ the national motto: “Gentle when stroked; fierce when provoked!

So here’s the part where it doesn’t spoil our evening:  Ma’am was seriously turned-on.  So the second I finished my rum-n-coke, she drug me up to the stage, tore off my jacket and shirt and went primal on me.  Okay… this probably wasn’t the smartest thing we’ve done.  We each had 3 rum-n-cokes, and I was still a bit pumped on adrenalin… and also just angry and really feeling like pounding someone.  I didn’t let myself go primal.  Ma’am did, but I stayed in my head, and decided to just try and pin her.  It took a moment but I was able to do it… and just at that time, our friend who is the producer of Domination came over and let me know we had to stop.  Ma’am had, of course, drawn blood, and being in a public bar, that was a full-stop.  So as soon as we got her back into her human headspace we cleaned-up and called it a night.


  1. GROWL.

    If they need any help, I can probably connect them with some Lambda Legal attorneys in that area.

  2. Glad to have you on our team, even if just in a security capacity. We need more folks like you.