Friday, May 3, 2013

Pain and Punishment

Another great post by Bootbrush can be found at:

He wrote (and you should check it out) about the myth that masochists like pain b/c we have some inner need for punishment based in some kind of self-hate.  It’s a common misconception and I’ve run into it before myself.  It's B.S.  For me, pain play isn’t about some inner need to punish myself, and I like the suggested explanations Bootbrush offers:
  • My body’s physical reaction (adrenalin rush and endorphin high…)
  • To test myself against my own limits
  • The spiritual aspect – it’s transporting and transformative
I could go on – including, for instance, the trust-building aspect and the interpersonal bonding that it creates when you open yourself up like this to another whom you trust and care about.

In fact, we typically don’t use pain as punishment.  Now – it’s not true that you can’t use pain to punish a masochist (I like pain, but I hate having my inner thighs pinched, for instance), but generally we want to associate pain w/ play time and thus we typically don’t use pain as punishment.  Usually we use discomfort as punishment (i.e. my Owner dropping ice cubes down my pants – not painful, but certainly not pleasant), the loss of privileges, or an “annoying” assignment.

Wednesday I came w/o permission.  Right now my punishment is to do lines.  I have to write 100 times “I will not cum without permission.”  Let me say, this is really annoying.  Having to sit and write lines is one of the most irritating things – and it drives you batty b/c you can think of 1000 other things you’d rather be doing – like making a quick blog post about punishment w/o pain.

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  1. Lines are easy for me. I learned my freshman year how to double your speed by writing with both hands. I remember my Geometry teacher made me write 500 times "I will not hide the stapler" (because I had a nasty habit of doing so), and then I walked up to her with my sheets, asked to used the staples, and then subsequently hid it again (down the back of my pants). She should have saw that coming. She figured it out it was gone next period and pulled me out of my class confused.

    I don't do well with punishment. For me, I can't let the person "win" in my head. I'm more a positive reinforcement type person. I can beat myself up worse than anyone else can.

    The worst punishment for me ever has been vegetables. I was made to eat, and then force fed carrots until I threw up (about a whole 4 baby carrots). My ex quickly learned that's not a good way to try to "convince" me to eat nutritious.

    Now, if he's mad at me, he'll play Country or Gospel music on the speakers loudly.