Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Busy Summer Highlights

Just time to do a quick recap on recent events.

So, the first weekend of the month, Shdwkitten and I went to the beach to visit her parents.  We didn’t manage to squeeze in any mini-golf due to rain (wolfhounds love mini-golf!), but we did go fly a kite on the beach which was almost as cool.

On the 3rd of July, my lovely Owner took me out to Charlotte’s UpStage along w/ two of her paramours.  We thought it was our usual kinky karaoke night, but there was actually an open mic thing at the bar that night, which brought a lot of vanilla people into our crowd’s usual Wednesday night hang out.  It was all cool, but there were a lot of “who are those people” looks from both sides of the room.  We had fun, geeked-out about comic book movies and obscure bands, drank a lot, and stayed out until 3 AM.

The next day was Independence Day, and I had to drive in the pouring rain (on like 4 hours of sleep) to Atlanta for Sir’s 4th of July bar-b-q.  It was totally worth it.  I was there early along w/ Nitro and Master Dan (AtlantaRubber), and it was nice to spend a couple of hours just chill’n around the kitchen table drinking rum & coke and munching on potato chips.  Eventually we had like ten other guys arrive – almost all of them puppies, so thanks must go to Sir’s husband for opening his home to all of our craziness.  We didn’t break anything, but we did manage to dump half the water out of the hot tub.  Got another 4 or 5 hours of sleep before driving home (while eating cookies – b/c wolfhounds love cookies!), crawling into my kennel, and napping the day away, because…

The next day was, for Ma’am and me, Domination at the BoilerRoom in Asheville along with Noir and SanguineSnow.  This is a TNG, heavily geek-themed, kinky bar night that brings out a pretty fun crowed.  The costumes may range from leather and latex to Ewoks.  (No shit, Ewoks.)  Haven’t seen any fursuiters yet, but I’m waiting.  I got to watch Noir do a great scene w/ Sanguine and Shdwkitten… and later there were two hook suspensions.  Very cool.  The only downside was the girl who got hooked was wandering around the bar afterwards w/ blood on her.  She could have easily pulled on a shirt or a jacket or something, but no…  I’m not really blood-phobic, but that bugged me.  Common courtesy, people – use it.

Other than Domination, we also just really had fun hanging w/ Noir and Sanguine.  Discussions covered what we like and don’t like in evolutionary psychology, how we all want to see a Saturday morning cartoon called Cathulu Babies, to how hot Shdwkitten looks… and let the record denote the very important fact that another beautiful woman wants to fuck me w/ a strap-on.  *Wags*  (Wolfhounds love sexy women w/ strap-on’s!)

The next weekend, which was this last weekend, my ex-girlfriend and her husband came down from Michigan for a visit.  This was a definite highlight of the summer.  We haven’t seen her in about five years… which is unfortunate b/c she’s a good friend both to me and my Owner and her husband is also a really cool guy – and doubly unfortunate be/c they own a liquor store, a tobacco store/humidor, and a head shop… so when they visit they bring the best gifts: like two bottles of wine, a MASSIVE bottle of 1800 Silver, and some Johnny Walker double black (the smoothest scotch I’ve ever tried), along w/ various other things.  We spent a lot of time happily discussing religion and politics - the two subjects you're never supposed to discuss in polite company.  We also went spelunking (and my Owner hit her head on a rock), went hiking (and my Owner slipped and fell on a rock), and dropped in on my favorite pub up in Blowing Rock (where nothing bad happened to my Owner).

Since it’s a 12 hour drive back to Michigan, our guests had to leave after breakfast Sunday… so Ma’am decided to take her hound back to Charlotte for Up-Stage’s bondage brunch.  We hung w/ our peeps, Ma’am got hog-tied, and I got somebody to show me a simple technique for putting the rope away after my Top is done.  Still need to practice; wolfhounds aren’t great at tying knots.  We’ll leave the fancy knot tying to Saint Bernards.

And somewhere in all of that I managed to take the FZ6 into the mountains for some cycle-therapy.

Busy! Busy! Busy!

This weekend is Atlanta Dominion, 1763’s all-male play party.  And next weekend Pup Nitro is coming to CAPEX to teach his super-sexy breath play class, and the whole puppy pack will be there.  If you’re in NC, you should join us.  See you there, maybe?

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