Monday, September 23, 2013

Notes and Miscellanea... and Dancing Nuns

Just a collection of notes and miscellanea today…

Item 1

The leading story:  Apparently my whole pack decided to jump Race Bannon’s shit.  LOL.  It’s classic pack behavior: the Alpha makes an aggressive move toward somebody and – blink – the whole pack is bearing its collective teeth and moving in for the kill.  It started when Race Bannon re-posted some idiot’s rant about how educators and demos are ruining kink, and Bannon praised this post as being so insightful and wise.  You can find it here; it really does read like Old Man Yells at Cloud.

And in response we have…
Sir’s well-argued logic flavored with growly irritation:

As for my own 2-cents… well, I’ve already addressed this issue a couple of ways:
Here, where I correctly argued that lecture-formatted classes have their place (to give basic info and introduce ideas) when supplemented w/ other avenues to pursue more in-depth hands-on learning:
And here, where I correctly argued that there is nothing wrong w/ having BOTH open, inclusive education and networking groups (like CAPEX) and exclusive play-party groups (like Atlanta Dominion):

Well, now that I’ve given you enough links to send you off in ten different directions…

Item 2

The other day, my lovely Owner and I (along w/ our Poet friend) were walking the streets of Ashville when Ma’am looked up ahead and observed, “There’s a nun in a short skirt dancing on a table.”

To which I could only reply, “Jeez, another one?”

And then we went to see Hamlet at Shakespeare in the Park…

Item 3

Thanks to Episode of 45 of the No Safe Word podcast kinky people around the whole world now know that Loki has a “rather large hydrant.”

(What’s really scandalous, though, is that it was Stick’s Maggie who made Sir’s hydrant so large. 0.o  )

Item 4

(Related to the above)

I really, really like packing for Dominion with Loki!  Of course, “packing for Dominion” is a lot like “nap,” which Sir defines as being in bed during the day – not necessarily doing anything restful there.

Item 5

(Related to the above)

I discovered, Sunday morning, that Sir likes Miley Cyrus.  Who knew?  (I debated whether to elaborate on that… but, no, I think I’ll just leave that as our in-joke.)

Item 6

Atlanta Dominion was Sunday.  I got to lick a boy wearing a full, Joe Rocket sportbike riding suit… and I got to share Sir’s bone with Puppy Hunter.  Yea teamwork!  Go team!  So… yes, Atlanta Dominion = much hotness.

Item 7

(Speaking of hotness...)

 My Owner, the pyro-kitten, has taken up fire dancing w/ poi balls.  Stay tuned to her Fet for photos to come.

Item 8

(Speaking of my fantastic Owner...)

I recently got a new wolfhound shirt.  (I collect T-shirts w/ Irish wolfhounds stuff on them.)  I showed it to Ma'am - it's a beige tee w/ a drawing of a wolfhound's head on it.  She looked at it and said in all seriousness, "It looks just like you!"  We both then laughed, and she explained, "That's how I picture you."  LOL.

That was a few days ago, and then, Saturday, Ma'am and I woke-up snuggled-up in bed after a nap (an actual nap, not a Loki "nap").  She said that she had been dreaming, and that in her dream I was a bio-wolfhound, but still me, just in the body of a wolfhound.  And when she woke-up, she said she was momentarily surprised to see human-me, expecting to see a big, shaggy dog in bed w/ her. I thought that was cute and worth sharing.

And that is what's going on in my world.

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