Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Loki on the Law

Long, long ago, CAPEX hosted a class taught by a kinky NC law enforcement officer on BDSM and the law.  It was one of the best classes I can recall ever attending.  There’s a lot of important things anyone seriously involve in BDSM/kink/leather-sex should be aware of in regards to legal risks and protections.  That’s also why CAPEX has always been a sponsor of NCSF, the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.  Every year for the last decade CAPEX has donated money to NCSF.  Their website has a lot of good resources on it.  When CAPEX legally incorporated six years ago, NCSF put us in touch with a lawyer to help us.  And a few years later, when She-who-must-not-be-named threatened to out various CAPEX members in the media, send the cops after us, file a lawsuit, burn our houses, steal our women, and rape our cattle, I believe NCSF was one of our first go-to’s.

On the latest episode of the NoSafeWord podcast, they interviewed a kinky lawyer in Atlanta (who also happens to be my favorite Alpha Pup –licks– ) on the legalities (and illegalities) of BDSM.  If you’re kinky, whether you run a dungeon party or whether it’s just you and your partner enjoying rough sex in the bedroom, there are some important things and helpful tips you should hear.  Domestic violence calls, kidnap scenes, dealing with the cops, transporting your toys (and your poppers and your prescriptions)…  Do yourself a favor and take a listen:  Loki on the Law.

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