Thursday, September 25, 2014

Three Inspiring Characters for Subbies

 We had yet another great Atlanta Dominion weekend last weekend.  It was very cool Saturday to actually get the whole “official” pack together (something that rarely happens) plus a few friends from the extended pack and family.

Sunday at Dominion, I greatly enjoyed just cuddling on the couch w/ my two wonderful omega puppies.  Both of my little brothers are real treasures.  *wags*

Then, in the mosh, Loki made a rare move by dawning his pup gear and joining us.  That was fun.  Playing w/ Sir in the mosh, I can’t help but think of that classic Sylvester the Cat Looney Toon that features the two dogs Spike and Chester.  Spike is just indifferently strutting ahead while Chester bounces all around him: “What do you want to do today, Spike?  Huh, Spike?  You want to chase cars, Spike?  Do you, Spike?”  Yeah, that’s pretty much Loki and Emrys in the mosh, right there.  LOL.

Okay, so… Sir gave his pack a homework assignment.  Name three fictional characters who, to you, embody your ideal of service or submission.  He gave us two examples: Alfred the butler from Batman and Radar from M*A*S*H.

So here are my three:


So let’s get he big one out of the way first – and if you are a puppy-dog, then Lassie is as big as they get.  Lassie first appeared in a 1940 novel turned 1943 movie Lassie Come Home, “a story about the profound bond between a Yorkshire boy and his rough collie, Lassie” who undertakes a dangerous “trek over many miles to be reunited with the boy she loves.” (Wiki)  It’s a story of profound devotion and loyalty – traits that for me, exemplify a great pup.  In the American TV series, Lassie was described as “caring, nurturing, and responsible with an unyielding commitment to her family and community.”  A good pup like Lassie will walk through Hell and high water for his Owner and his pack.  (And is always there for you if you ever fall down a well.)


For most of The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack is moping around all depressed and his ghost dog Zero is “just” standing by him.  Puppies aren’t fair-weather friends, you see?  They are loyal and stay w/ their Owner through thick and thin.  Then comes the moment when the fog prevents Jack from taking off in his Christmas sleigh and it’s Zero’s nose which lights the way – and Zero is sooooo happy that he finally gets to do something to help Jack.  He’s been waiting this whole time, and now there is something he can do to help his master out, and for a puppy, that’s the best there is.  Doggies love to be useful.  (Another one of my favorite moments from last Sunday’s Dominion was when Sir asked, “Did anyone think to lay out the wrestling mats?” and I could respond, “Yes, Sir, taken care of.”)

Old Yeller

Everybody remembers Yeller’s sad demise, but let’s not forget that before that he saves his family from a bear… then a herd of wild boars… then a rabid wolf!  Puppy-dogs are loving and devoted and helpful, but we don’t take kindly to anyone who threatens our family or pack.  If a fight is required, we’re ready to pass out the hurt.  There have been an occasional few who foolishly messed with my Owner and found out what it meant to have the Puppy Paw of Doom descend upon them.  There’s a reason why the Irish wolfhound motto is, “Gentle when stroked; fierce when provoked.”

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