Friday, August 22, 2014

SEBB Weekend 2014 Photos

We had a fantastic time at Southeast Black & Blue Weekend, which I wrote all about in my previous post.  Now, I've got a few more photos to share.

Family photo:  Poet Gareth, Shdwkitten (chewing on my neck), Emrys, and Cuddles

Me and Cuddles

Pinning my omega during the mosh

Dogs Playing Cards (Sir Loki, Dante, Rocket, Emrys, Cuddles)

NoSafeWord's Daddy Tony teaching Hunter how to count to 10

Our pack (sans Hunter).  Standing: Sir Loki.  Kneeling: Gwynn, Bishop, boy Isaac.  On all fours: Emrys, Cuddles

In the Mosh.  (Boner in the cage, me and Cuddles down front, Hercules and Thrasher on the right)

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