Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pup Gets New, Rubber Skin

So my Christmas present finally arrived in the mail:  my first latex body suit!  It’s just an inexpensive one from Latexcatfish, but I’m super, super excited about it.  My Owner’s boyfriend is a tailor, and he took my measurements, so the fit I got is almost perfect. (Only the feet are too large. I gave them my usual shoe size, but apparently I could have gone down an inch.)

I love the smell and feel of my new, rubber skin.  It’s sooooo hot!  I'm shinny, smooth, and pet-able.  My Owner took some photos of me yesterday.  After our photo session, Ma'am let be jerk-off and cum while she told me to imagine the first time I get my puppy ass fucked while wearing my rubber skin…  Woof!

Did someone say "fetch?"
I love the shadow I cast in this pic.

Wanna play?

Who's a good boy?

Waggy tail

Shower time!

Scrub my back?


I like this pic because it looks like I'm drooling.

 Hope you enjoyed the photos.  Maybe you'll see me out and about at a mosh sometime.  Woof! Woof!

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