Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sex in Atlanta and Drinking in Savannah

 Due for an update.  I missed IML this year, but did a couple of other fun things worth mentioning.

A couple of weeks back was an Atlanta Dominion weekend.  I briefly got to see my Alpha again as he returned to Atlanta to pick up the last of his stuff.  Since he moved to DC about 6 months ago we don’t get to see as much of Sir as we’d like.  We had lunch together before Sir hit the road… and then we had a few hours to kill, which gave me some unstructured time to just hang out with Cuddles and Hunter.  We went to the mall and laughed at Cuddles riding the little kiddie toy vehicles that run on quarters, and then we saw Mad Max 4 together.

Dominion was the next day.  I had no plans, nothing scheduled on my dance card, and didn't know what to expect.  I got my gear on and before I even had it all the way on this guy led his puppy (on leash and all fours) over to meet me.  I had fun getting familiar w/ the Sir and pup... then the Sir bent down and whispered to me, "I want you to hump my boy."  Well, you never have to tell a wolfhound twice to hump something, so I was happy to comply.  I humped the pup while the pup vigorously nuzzled his Handler's crotch.  I probably could have stayed and played w/ them more, but my omega, Cuddles, had disappeared, so I left them to go check on him.  He was asleep on the wrestling mats.  (My pug loves his puppy naps.)

Soon, Hunter joined us.  We romped on the mats some... then Hunter changed gears and cuffed me to a cage.  We had a really good scene - even though I'm not big into CBT, but when you're encased in sexy rubber skin and you have a cute Dalmatian boy giving you a hand-job while force-feeding you his cock, what's to complain about?  (Thank you, Hunter.  *licks*)

This last weekend was IML and Woof Camp… but not for me.  I was sad I couldn’t make it this year, but excited to see many pics already showing up on Fet of rubber puppies at play.  It’s awesome to see the pup community growing, and to see a growing number of rubber pups here in the States.  Next year I plan on attending IML again (and maybe MAL or CLAW as well – never been to either before).

The reason I couldn’t make IML/Woof Camp was b/c this year I opted to take a vacation w/ my poly family: my lovely Owner, her very cool boyfriend and my Cuddly Pup.  The four of us enjoyed 4 nights in Savannah, GA.  It was a good time.  Very minimal vacation stress or fussiness.  We got to sample a good handful of local bars, did a walking tour of the architecture and old town squares, frolicked on the beach, climbed a lighthouse, wandered Bonaventure Cemetery, checked out two nineteenth century forts, ate a ton of shell fish at the delightfully shlocky Tybee Island Crab Shack, caught some live music, watched the big cargo ships go down the river, and wandered the Railroad Roundhouse Museum.  It was good fun.  I’m sorry I missed IML/Woof Camp, but this was worth it.

Returning home was a bit of a bum note.  We found my 19 year-old cat completely listless.  I took her to the vet and had her put to sleep.  She was old and tired and her little motor had just worn down.  That was very hard to do.  She has been w/ me for 19 years – almost my entire adult life since going away to college – and it will be very strange to come home and not have her here.  Added to that, both our bio-dogs injured themselves while we were gone.  They have been limping around, but seem to be on the mend – which is good b/c I can’t deal w/ any more serious problems w/ our animals right now.  I miss my cat like crazy…

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