Tuesday, August 18, 2015

“I think I got coke and cum on my boots.” Or, “Bring me a handgun and some chocolate milk.”

My first chastity cycle in Hunter’s cock-cage was 21 days.  Cycle 2 lasted a record-breaking 27 days and climaxed at our last Atlanta Dominion party with a mind-blowing fuck and orgasm.  Woof!  Cycle 3 lasted 26 days… but ended prematurely.  I was so excited about seeing my Alpha at Southeast Black and Blue Weekend (he said he had “plans” and was looking forward to “using” me all weekend – which had me excited and nervous b/c I know hat a mischievous little fucker my Alpha is) that I shot-off from inside my cock-cage about 12 hours before I was to see Hunter.  :(

Needless to say, this puppy did not get to cum again last weekend.  However, I did have a really fantastic time at SEBB 2015. 

Friday (after I came that morning – growl) my omega (Cuddles) picked me up, and we drove down to our pack mate’s farm where we met her (Gwynn) and our Alpha (Hunter).  We set out for the Atlanta Eagle for rubber/gear night, got a few miles up the road, and Gwynn’s jeep started smoking.  Not good.  It died.  We were 3 miles from the farm, so Cuddles and I walked back to fetch his car.  Wolfhounds are built for hiking.  Pugs are not.  One of my strides is about 1.5 steps for most people, but for Cuddles to keep up he had to take two steps on his tinny waddle-enablers for every one of my long-legged wolfhound strides.  And he was wearing leather in Georgia in August, so he joined the jeep on the list of things that got overheated.  I callously abandoned him on the roadside for the coyotes (yes, they do actually have real coyotes out there) and walked on.  I got about 5 minutes from the farm when a Good Samaritan’s pickup carrying Hunter and Cuddles caught up with me.

We did make it to the Eagle (in Cuddles’ car), and had a fun time.  It was really good to see my Sir (Loki) down from DC.  I miss my Saint Bernard a lot!  And I also got to see some other fun peoples as well.  I got suited-up in latex and Hunter dropped me into rubber-pup mode.  We spent most of Friday night out back by the bootblack stands w/ me on all fours.

Saturday, was SEBB classes and socializing.  This is a really wonderful event, held at the Eagle, and caped at 100, so it’s not too big – I really like that.  Big enough to have good energy; intimate enough to not feel overwhelming.  My lovely Owner (Shdwkitten) joined us most of Saturday, which was awesome!  I ping-ponged around for a bit: Sat at Sir’s feet in a class, joined Gwynn at the bar, hung out w/ Ma’am and the bootblacks outside…  Finally, Hunter drug me into the back bar room and let his horny chastity-pup go down on him.  It was… yummy.  I’ve actually never had sex in a gay bar before.  Hunter takes a cherry.

After that, with me spacey as hell and horny as fuck, Hunter took me back up front.  I got a coke… however, in trying to sit on a table my coke was sitting on, I spilled it all on the floor and had to clean it up w/ some paper towels.  (It was, thus, later, in realizing my boots were all sticky, that I declared that they appeared to be covered w/ coke and cum.  It’s okay; that’s an Old Guard tradition.  At least it is in Atlanta.) 

We were joined by Ma’am and Sir.  I ended up surrounded by three super sexy, sadistic people I love… and (Loki started it) they all three started to bite me at the same time – hard.  I really was still a bit high from having Alpha’s wiener in my mouth, and biting is a huge turn-on for me, so it hurt so bad it was good – and my dick tried to get hard in its cage.

My Cuddly Pup rejoined us and we went out to dinner (sans Shdwkitten who had to drive back to SC).  Got back.  I got into pup mode again, this time rocking me new latex shorts (and the rubber harness I’ve indefinitely borrowed from Sir).  Here’s my sexy Alpha and I, a boy and his dog:

I had maybe an hour or so in pup mode, but Alpha was tired so we called it an early night Saturday and headed on home.

Sunday, Cuddles, Hunter and I got up early to drive, once more, into Atlanta.  We stopped at a gas station on the way in.  I filled the tank and sent Cuddles to fetch me chocolate milk.  He noticed that the sign indicated they also sold guns and ammo and asked me if I wanted any.  “Sure,” I said, “Bring me a handgun and some chocolate milk.”

We met Sir and his partner for breakfast.  They had to fly back to DC and wouldn’t be able to join us for the rest of SEBB, but it was really nice to have a little time with them that morning, just the five of us… even if the coat hook in the men’s restroom tried to kill me.

We got to the Eagle early.  The children played some pool while I helped Nitro hang some signage, and then we locked Cuddles in the cage and made him strip to his underwear, boots and collar.  He looked like a cute, little, gay, go-go boy.

We then sat in on a very good class: Sir Robert Helms (TX) teaching “Straight and Gay Leather History.”  Seriously, if you ever get a chance to see this one, don’t miss it.  He dispels a lot of myths about things like earned leather, the so-called “Master’s cap” and the fucking “Council of Elders,” he corrects a lot of revisionist history that’s going on, and he reveals the truth behind things like the hanky code and Larry Townsend’s Leatherman’s Handbook.  But he’s also really good about highlighting relevant contrasts between the het and gay leather communities.  It was well done, and clearly he’s done his homework.

After that came the puppy mosh… which quickly turned into the puppy nap time.  LOL.  It was Sunday afternoon and we were all pretty tired.  Still, it was good; I think everyone enjoyed themselves, and that is what counts.  Near the end of the mosh, Hunter started rubbing my belly… and my puppy parts!  He got me all hard and horny… then he leaned in close to my latex-hooded ear and whispered, “You’re going to be my chastity-pup from now on.”  My dick started throbbing.  “You’re going to stay a horny, little fuck-pup.”  My whole body started quivering!  Woof!  So… fucking… hot…

He edged me w/o getting me off.  Thus began cycle 4.  It’s a full 5 weeks until the next Dominion party, but Hunter says if I’m a good boy he’ll let me get off before then. (He’s planning a visit to North Carolina.)  The catch is: he’s planning on making this cycle harder on me by sending me dirty pictures and reading assignments…  Arf.  Mischievous little fucker…

In closing, I want to give a big round of a-paws to Sir Alan, Nitro, boy David, and Girl Dale for organizing such a really wonderful event.  Thank you, again, so very much.  SEBB is a highlight of my year!

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