Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Weekend Updates

Time for a “What has Emrys been up to lately?” blog post.

Because it's been a while, I have to start 3 weekends ago.  Our most recent Atlanta Dominion (all-male dungeon party) was great.  I slipped into my new, metalic-green zentai suit - which got a lot of complements at the party.  After play started, I got my hood on, and my Alpha, Hunter, put our omega, Cuddles, into a straightjacket and gave me an assignment: “Take him into one of the side dungeons, and don’t come back until you have his cum all over your face.” 

After accomplishing that mission and returning to our Alpha, Hunter locked Cuddles in the dog cage and let me (with my hood messy w/ the pug’s cum) go to work on my Alpha’s bone.  He eventually unlocked my chastity cage and edged me while I blew him.  Then he set little Cuddles free, leashed me, and took his beta for a walk around the dungeon.  He said it was good for everyone to see me with cum on my latex face so all the guys know what a good little cum slut I am.  *wags*  Eventually, Alpha ended-up on a couch making out w/ another guy while I went back to work on his delicious bone.  He edged me more… and finally let me cum.  That was 15 days after my previous orgasm.  Since Hunter locked me in chastity a few months ago, I’ve been averaging one orgasm every 19 days w/ my longest stretch being 27.

I suffered from a little drop the week following that Dominion, which is partly why this blog post is being written now rather than 2 weeks ago.  Got busy at work, long hours, and the days have started getting shorter… and so much rain!

The next weekend, then, started w/ a disappointment.  NC-PAH was invited to march in the NC Pride parade, which I was very stoked about.  Unfortunately, it was pouring down rain that Saturday, so Ma’am, Poet and I decided to skip the parade.  :(

However, we made lemonade out of lemons.  We went to a dungeon in the Raleigh area Saturday evening.  I haven’t been to this venue in years.  We had a really fantastic, very hot, scene.  Poet tied Cuddles and I together, naked, face-to-face on this turntable they have, and then he attacked us from one side and Ma’am attacked us from the other while spinning us around.  I think they went through most of their toy bags on us.  I've always loved the energy that comes from group scenes: 2+ Tops and 2+ bottoms.  This one was great!  I still had marks several days later.  After that beating, I got on my pup gear and just heeled while Poet broke out his rope and suspended Ma’am.

While I went to go use the little puppy’s room before we hit the road, my family sat in the food area to wait, and they met the real, live Big Dick McDomDom.  This old guy was there going on and on, spouting the most stupid bullshit – as if he were a parody of the jackass, het, “Old Guard” wannabe Dom.  Among the stupid shit he said was:
  • You should never play with a girl if she’s had even one beer because it’s not safe.
  • You only should call yourself “Master” if your community has given you that title.
  • There are no switches – those are just girls who are waiting for a strong enough man to dominate them.
  • You should never have sex w/ your slave; the relationship should be like a boss and an employee.
  • You should never fall in love w/ your slave.
  • If you wear a leather vest that means you are a Sir.  If you have a leather cap then you are a Master.

I am absolutely amazed my Owner and family overheard this shit and didn’t say anything.  I’m usually the one w/ all the self-restraint, but I don’t know if I could have listened to this BS and not called him out.  But I missed it all.  As we left, they told me all about this guy… and I said, “Well, it’s just a good reminder of why I mostly hang out at CAPEX.”  (We don’t tend to have these kinds of idiots there.)

Last weekend was another rain caused disappointment.  We were going to go to Ren Fair, but it got rained out… and Hunter was going to come up for the weekend, but he didn’t want to drive through the massive downpour, and I don’t blame him.  We still had a good time: myself, Ma’am, Poet, and Cuddles and one other friend of ours.  We did most of our Halloween shopping but otherwise stayed in and watched some movies, and my lovely Owner cooked and baked for us.

Coming up this weekend: Atlanta Pride Parade… and there’s only like a 20% chance of rain in the forecast – at last!  Yay!  Until next time, then: The world is your fire hydrant; unleash your potential.

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  1. Missed you at the NC Pride Parade. Hope to see you again soon.