Monday, October 19, 2015

Puppy Podcast, Pride Parade, and Petting Wolfhounds!

Before I get started catching you up on my comings and goings, I have to share a link to a really good podcast on puppy play.  On this episode of Erotic Awakenings they interview International Trainer Sir Justin, and it’s a very, very good overview of puppy play and how it fits (or doesn’t fit) into the greater leather and kink communities.  They discuss why people do puppy play and how can be sexual or not...  The interview begins about halfway through the podcast, I’d recommend just skipping to it, but definitely check it out!

The weekend before last was Atlanta Pride.  This was my third or forth time marching in the parade in puppy mode.  I always really enjoy it.  There’s nothing like being in pup-mode in the Southeast’s largest Pride parade and having your picture taken by thousands of people… and stopping the parade a few times so people could run out and get their picture made with us.

First, I better back up a smidge.  Cuddles and I went to Atlanta that Friday night and met-up w/ our pack-mates Gwynn and Hunter.  We decided to stay in and be lazy – which turned out to be a good call because our Dalmatian (Hunter) got a headache and he ended-up turning in early (very unusual for him).  Later that night, Cuddles and I joined him in bed and I was a very happy wolfhound sandwich w/ my Alpha on one side and my cuddly omega on the other. 

Hunter must have got some good rest for turning in early, because Saturday started off w/ some great sex.  Woof!  I’d been in Alpha’s chastity cage for 20 days w/o relief at that point (and he’d made it worse on me by ordering me to watch X-tube videos the week before)… however, he fucked me w/ my cage on, which was frustrating but really goddamned hot!  The good thing about being fucked w/ my Alpha’s cage on is that it keeps my mind focused where it should be: on pleasing him.  While he fucked me, Alpha reminded me that sex was all about what he wanted – Yum! – and that I was to be his cock hungry slut puppy – Yes, Sir!  I got turned-on even more just by just breathing in his scent and licking sweat from his body.  He told me what a good dog I was... and then bit me really hard.  Unfortunately for me, I think Hunter figured out that he can get me to agree to just about anything he tells me while he’s got his dick in my ass, because he didn’t only decide to make me wait two more weeks before I get to cum, he actually had me begging for him to make me go the full 34 days!

It’s now Day 29, already two days past my previous record.  By the time the CAPEX Halloween party arrives this Saturday, I’m going to be out of my mind.  *whimper*

So Sunday before last it was a very horny wolfhound being led in the Pride parade on-leash by one wickedly mischievous Dalmatian.  Hunter walked Cuddles and I while Gwynn rode in the Panthers’ float, and he did a very good job.  Hunter’s still pretty new to the Alpha role, but he’s a fast learner and has the heart for it.  He took good care of me and the pug, and all three of us had fun (and he looked really hot in his UA compression shorts).

Once again Channel 11 shot video of the whole parade and uploaded it, and you can, again, catch a slight glimpse of us go by.  In Part 2 of their video: at 22 minutes the Eagle float goes by and they interview some sportsball guy.  At 24 minutes comes the bear float, and right at 24:50, as they say, “We got the Rawhide Leather coming by,” you can see me, Hunter, and Cuddles enter the screen and walk across.  You don’t get to see any of the Panther’s float, but they do interview Sir Allen.

As I say every year: If anybody has or finds some photos of us in the parade, please share w/ me.

Last weekend was some much-needed Kitten and Puppy time for just me and my Owner.  The lovely Shdwkitten took her hound on a movie date to see Crimson Peek.  It was pretty good – although I actually feel it would have been better if they took all the ghosts out.  This isn’t really much of a spoiler: but the ghosts actually don’t contribute anything to the plot and seemed like a gratuitous excuse for nifty CGI and jump-scares.

Saturday, Ma’am took her hound to the Renaissance Festival.  We enjoyed some shows and some Celtic music, drank pumpkin beer, and I bought her some cool steampunk kitten ears.  We had a great time together, and we saw Irish wolfhounds!  They had some bio-Wolfhounds at the fair!!  And I got to pet the wolfhounds!!!  And Ma’am took my picture w/ the wolfhounds!!!!  I was very excited to love on the wolfhounds!!!!  *wags wags wags*

That’s been the last couple of weeks for me.  I’m now really looking forward to this Saturday’s big CAPEX costume party.  My Sir is coming down from DC, and it will be extra wonderful to spend time w/ him as well as my Alpha, my omega, my Owner and her cool boyfriend.  And a couple of other pups will be there, so we’re hoping to mosh!  Plus, I’m excited about our costumes this year… not to mention looking forward to being allowed to cum after 34 days! I'll write all about that next week... and may also have some thoughts to share about title contests in the puppy community.  They seem to be growing.  Do we need them?

Till then, may your legs always remain as strong as your will to run.  *wags*

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