Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Frolicon 2017

For you to preview and okay...

Frolicon is our favorite con every year, and this was one of the best Frolicons I’ve had in years!


I drove down w/ my omega.  My lovely Owner, her boyfriend, my Alpha, his boyfriend, and his Sir were all already on site.  (Did you get all that?)  Actually, when I walked into our room, Alpha was naked and in hypnotic bondage.  His Sir is a professional erotic hypnotist.  Personally, I have always had a HUGE fantasy-fetish for mindcontrol/hypno/brainwashing, so watching him control Alpha through hypnotic triggers all weekend was incredibly, fucking hot!  Wolfhound was so envious!  Also fucking hot:  my Alpha didn’t waste any time before he had me on the floor worshiping his feet w/ my tongue and mouth.  I was in beta-puppy heaven.

No special costumes Thursday night: just leather pack vests and jeans.  We went out to dinner:  My family, three of our friends, another pack-mate of ours, and two friends he brought… and Nitro.  Unfortunately, it was karaoke night at the restaurant we choose, so we had to endure some painful sounds.  Ug.

Back at the con, we went to some show… I can’t even remember what the hell it was b/c I was back on the floor worshiping my Alpha’s feet the whole time – w/ him occasionally slapping my face to keep me in submissive headspace.  He’s been training me to fetishize his feet for about a year now, and the training is really starting to take root: I see/smell his naked feet and I start drooling and getting hard.  I ended up back in our room for some sexy fun w/ Alpha, his boyfriend, and his Sir.  Alpha did the most amazing job of staging a different kind of sexy-fun scene each night!  This night he reduced me to a brainless sex-animal.  He started by getting me sucking his alpha-cock.  I should pause to say: I’m locked in chastity and at this point it had been 144 days since Alpha had let me out to cum.  Yes… 144 days.  So obviously I was already a very horny wolfhound.  So, I’m sucking his alpha-cock and he spits on my face.  I’m sucking cock and feeling this huge, warm gob of spit slowly sliding down my face and eventually reaching my mouth…  fucking heaven!  That sent me into such a sexed-up subby headspace!  For the next several minutes there, I couldn’t think of anything but to obey and suck cock at Alpha’s command!  Seriously, if 10 strangers walked into the room and Alpha said, “Suck each dick,” it wouldn’t have occurred to me to question or hesitate.  My Alpha put me to work rotating among sucking him, his Sir, and his boyfriend, until they all got off (and I was left horny and frustrated, of course – locked in chastity like good betas are supposed to be).  That will probably go down as a lifetime memory of one of the hottest sex scenes I’ve ever had!  And it was only Night One…


I pulled on one of my latex body suits and my rubber puppy mask, inserted my tail, and taught my Puppy Play 101 class w/ my Alpha and omega playing on the floor in pup mode.  Alpha managed not to hurt himself or knock anyone out of their chair this year.  Actually the class went very well.  We then did family photos in the dungeon sans Owner b/c she had something else she had to go take care of.

We checked out the venders’ room before it was time to teach Puppy 201.  Both classes were well attended and, in fact, this was the best 201 class we’ve ever done.  Lots of great audience participation!  We received a lot of complements.  Off-duty the rest of the night, I put on my black Spider-man symbiote costume, and we tried to find some room parties but failed.  So we mostly hung out downstairs.  Where were all the room parties this year?????

Eventually, we ended up back in the room for Night Two of sexy-fun.  This time, Alpha had gotten me to beg for him to have sex his Sir and not me.  (Alpha can pretty much get me sexed-up enough to want whatever he tells me I want, and at this time it was a matter of convencing me how much better it would be watching him fuck another man.)  So after begging, Alpha did have sex w/ his Sir and had two orgasms, while I, his beta, sat on the floor and watched, throbbing helplessly in my cock-cage.  Alpha then allowed me to sleep on the floor beside his bed, a frustrated but helpless little cuckhound.  *wags*


We had to get an early start today b/c we co-sponsored the Petting Zoo at 10am.  There was a great turn-out!  Lots of pups, kittens, two or three lizards, a donkey, a horse-girl, and a hucow.  Alpha was the best Hnadler for us all.  After that fun, I went to go spend time w/ my lovely Owner.  We wandered the venders’ room… until it was time for her Endorphin Soup ritual.  Alpha joined us, along w/ his boyfriend, and my Owner’s boyfriend.  I can’t really explain much about the ritual, except to say it was very powerful and everyone involved was touched by it.  I was incredibly proud of my Owner!  She amazes me.

Alpha and I had to run directly from the ritual to our puppy mosh.  Fortunately, my omega and Alpha’s Sir got everything set-up and started.  The mosh was fun and, once again, we had a good turn-out.

 Now we were, finally, completely “off-duty” for the rest of the con.  I spent some quiet time w/ Ma’am while Alpha had some quiet time w/ his Sir… and then I went and relaxed in the hotel’s hot tub w/ my little omega.  (My life does not suck.)  We got out of the spa, met-up w/ Alpha and his Sir and, after dinner, went down to the hypnotist show.  The show was okay if a little schlocky – basically the same show I’ve seen many times at Ren Fair.  The kinky stuff Alpha was programmed to do by his Sir was more interesting.  From there it was back to our room for more sexy-fun time.  Alpha chained me to the bed, removed my cock cage and beat me, bit me, and edged me until I, finally, after 146 days, came HARD!

Eventually I came back to earth.  Locked back in chastity, I put on my rubber shorts and harness, we put the omega pup in a straight jacket, and we went out to find room parties.  We found two.  Drank, talked, reveled…  Once, I let the omega wander off in his straightjacket – Alpha fussed at me. We found him.  At some point we ended up back in our hotel room, and once again Alpha allowed his beta to sleep on the floor at his bedside.  *wags*

This little summery of events just doesn’t do justice to the fun we had (and several important thing I’m omitting b/c they are personal).  My Owner was just awe-inspiring in her strength and always looked beautiful.  Hypno-controlled Alpha was oh-my-gods sexy.  Omega was not only all cute and adorable, but indispensably helpful in his service to me and Alpha.  Very good boy!  And I love Ma’am’s boyfriend, Alpha’s boyfriend… and meeting Alpha’s new Sir was delightful.  Wonderful, wonderful time with my family!


But I’m not done!  I have a post-credits sequence.   Few days after con, Alpha joined me for a date-night in Chattanooga, TN.  I needed some quieter, one-on-one time w/ my Sir, and he was kind enough to oblige me.  We walked together and talked for a couple of hours, had dinner, walked a little more (he even let me hold hands some b/c he’s such a romantic - Not)…  Eventually we ended up in bed for a post-Frolicon bonus sexy-fun scene!  More humiliation… Alpha broke me down hard and fast that night before aggressively, painfully milking me.  This orgasm was even better than Saturday night’s.  He let me sleep w/o my cock-cage, and even the next morning I woke-up rock hard and in a floaty, subby headspace…

Summery:  great sex, erotic hypnosis, transformative ritual, brave and lovely Owner, wonderful chosen family, so much love, successful classes and moshes… and more great sex!  Woof!  Wolfhound is happy.

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