Monday, November 12, 2012

Every Dungeon Needs a Motorcycle in it!

Yesterday, I got to make a surprise appearance at Dominion (Atlanta’s men-only BDSM play party).  I technically never RSVPed so my peeps (and pups) didn’t know I was going to be there.  I do the same thing at CAPEX – I don’t think I’ve properly RSVPed for a CAPEX event in 5 or 6 years…  I know it’s bad etiquette; 'bad doggie.'

There was a new piece of “play furniture” added to the dungeon – somebody had parked an R6 in there.  For a puppy like myself who was has something of a sport-bike fetish (I ride an FZ6 myself) this was like instant hard-on.  They soon had our prize-winning Dalmatian puppy in a hot motorcycle suit and tied him to the bike.  Yummmmmmmy!  (I didn’t do anything w/ the bike, myself; I don’t know who it belonged to – some friends of Hunter’s obviously… but I kept getting semi-hard just walking around it…  Sex on a motorcycle is definitely in my top 5 fantasies.)

They had a charity gear sale at the event that raised like $600 for Lost-N-Found Youth (an organization to help LBGT homeless/runaways)... and I found a new toy for myself: a strap-in butt-plug harness.  *wags*

The Alpha Pup is out of the country… which meant more (relatively) unsupervised time for the beta pups.  I really wanted to gear-up, pup out, and just reek havoc in the dungeon (sometimes the chaos gods just need to be appeased *evil grin*)… but the beagle didn’t seem to want to go for it.  Instead he chained me to the floor and edged me a bit… NOT long enough.  Bastard!  I paid him back by setting up a scene w/ he, Max, and Jake – Max shrink-wrapped the boys together (to a pole) and molested them w/ tickling, spanking, kissing, bighting… and ice which I kindly provided for him.  Always trying to be helpful.  :)

It was kind of voyeur-mode for a while after that… I drifted about and watched some others having fun…  Max borrowed a violet wand (his favorite toy) to use on Jake (his other favorite toy)…  A couple of folks took turns getting strapped to this crazy EMT stretcher that our crazy husky found god-knows-where… and of course Tebow got tickled some more.

Tebow and I finally ended-up behind a closed door for some heavy making-out.  Apparently Sir gave his pup permission to cum three times while he was out of the country, and Tebow used cum #3 grinding w/ me… which feels kind of flattering that he would use his last cum w/ me.  Unfortunately for the wolfhound, he did not get me off, which he is now taking as proof that he’s a meaner Top than Loki.  Okay… We’ll just have to see where this leads once the top-dog is back in town.  Who wants to lay odds as to whether the beagle gets to cum again before MAL?  :-P

In unrelated news… my home group, CAPEX (Charlotte, NC), has published the very exciting 2013 presentation schedule.  (I need to talk to someone at CAPEX about getting a motorcycle for our dungeon…)  For all who may be interested:

February 23rd - (Floor Party) - Archer and Elegant – Endorphin Soup
March 23rd – Loki – Puppy Play Dynamics
April 27th – Omegaman & Miss Monica - Bondage sex/rope presentation
May 18th - TBA
June 15th – Miss Ann – Vagina 101
July 27th – Pup Nitro - Breathe Play
August 24th – Wicked Mistress - Chains
September 28th – Master Dan and slave melissa – M/s Power Exchange
October 26th – (Floor Party) Bootpig and WhipMasterBob – Face Sitting
November 16th - MasterSgt and Mstersgtpvt - Branding
December 13th – Holiday Event

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