Monday, December 24, 2012

Epic Fetch!

We’ve had a wonderful Christma-Haunna-Kwanza-Yule.  We decked the Treehouse out in Gryffendor red and gold (my Owner’s a Gryffindor; I’m a Ravenclaw, and last year we did my silver and blue), and had half a dozen friends, family, and romantic partners come up for a day or three.  Specifically, that would be: my Owner and I, my best friend Max and his boy Jake (they’re back together again -- yea!), Ma’am’s mom and dad, Ma’am’s girlfriend, Ma’am’s girlfriend’s boyfriend, and a couple of other kinky friends of ours.

I’ve got some petty good in-laws – Dad in particular is a hoot.  They are a couple of old S.C.A.idian, Neo-pagan, sci-fi/fantasy, gamer geeks.  It’s also great that we can be completely out w/ them.  The first time Shdwkitten took me to meet her parents I was wearing my collar and introduced as her pet.  They are very aware of our relationship, our interest in BDSM, and Ma’am being bisexual and polyamourus… and raise no issues w/ it.  Dad always says to her, “As long as you’re safe and happy, then I’m happy for you.”

Before they arrived, Max asked, just to be sure, “Now, what level of filter do we need here?”  We were like, “None.”  Ma’am explained:  “The spreader bars that I have… those were a gift from Mom and Dad; they were a set that they never used any more, so they gave them to me.”  So, when your parents are giving you their old bondage gear… welcome to Shdwkitten's family!

(We do Thanksgiving w/ my bio-family, where we are not so out… although they all know that Shdwkitten and I are a bit odd.  One time, my mom looked at Shdwkitten and, regarding our marriage, asked her, “You’re in charge aren’t you?”  Ma’am simply smiled and replied, “Yes, I am.”  “Good,” said Mom, “He needs that.”  LOL)

But I do treasure the fact that, even w/ my in-laws present, I can bark, whine, lick, be on all fours, sit on the puppy pillow in the middle of the floor…  It’s great.  Now, w/ the filters off at the Treehouse Christmas and an unreasonable amount of alcohol being consumed, we had lots of fun… and the conversations tended to run to innuendo, double-entendre… and outright dirty.  We’re a pretty “adult” crowed to start with, but once you get some alcohol in Max, he’s primed to go way over the line.  Feeding into this was the fact that Max and Jake are both addicted Grinder, and that was providing entertainment for the whole lot of us.  The best part was that once or twice they could both be chatting w/ the same guy on Grinder, but w/o him realizing that the two conversations he’s holding are w/ two guys sitting in the same room… so they could totally play off one-another while this guy thinks he’s having two completely separate conversations.  LOL.  But it turned into a group activity w/ all of us deciding how to respond to guys on Grinder.

At another point we had got to discussing inventing new CBT toys… which led to me pulling out a copy of the JT Stockroom catalogue… and us going through it commenting and joking about the various goodies on each page… which also prompted my father-in-law to comment, “Yeah, I have Stockroom bookmarked on my computer.”  LOL.  (This starts to explain a lot about Shdwkitten…)

One very funny non-“adult” moment came Christmas-eve when we gave the bio-dogs their gifts.  They got very excited when I pulled out the LARGEST rawhide bones they had ever seen.  I deliberately took my time, slowly cutting the bones from their shrink-wrap packaging while the two ecstatic, drooling bio-dogs circled me.  It was hysterical.

A couple of hours later, Branwen was passed out under the tree w/ her giant bone beside her.  :)

But they best part of the holiday came when we went to open our presents… and my Owner found something under the tree which she never expected to see (again).  Ma’am was a military brat; she grew-up all over the world and moved every few years… so she has very few possessions she feels any sentimental attachment to.  She’s an anti-hoarder.  One of the few objects she has held on to for most of her life is the bow that was given to her for her 16th birthday.  Well, long-story-short, she thought she had lost the bow in her divorce w/ Snow, and it really broke her up that’s he would never see that old bow again.  What she didn’t know is that her hound had surreptitiously arranged to buy her bow back.  She was so surprised… and sooooooooo happy.  She said I had performed an “epic fetch,” said it was the best Christmas gift she ever received, and declared this the best Christmas she’d had since our first Christmas together 7 years ago.  She was glowing!  Seeing my Owner so happy was all I wanted for Christmas.  *wags*

Tomorrow we’ll spring one more holiday surprise.  Ma’am’s boyfriend, The Pirate, was supposed to be w/ us for all this… but his grandfather in Chicago died and he had to go up there for the funeral.  He gets back home tomorrow (Christmas day) evening.  Ma’am and her loyal hound are going to throw a little surprise for him.  Tomorrow, we’re going to clean his apartment, decorate, set-up a Christmas tree that Max and I picked-up today, and leave him some unexpected presents under said tree.  :)

Best wishes to all of my friends, family, and anonymous readers!  Have a great holiday, everyone.

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