Friday, December 7, 2012

Jumping the Shark... on a sexy bike

I love the first Die Hard film!  The concept (and execution) was great: the idea of an big action-adventure movie where the hero was not 007 or Indiana Jones… but just some normal goof in way over his head.  The first film is really well structured in that, at each stage, McClain does the minimum response that he has to do.  He’s not trying to be a hero... just to make it through his day.  And when you watch it (unlike Indiana Jones or 007) it allows you the indulgence of saying, “Well, that’s what I would do there.”

The second film was okay if a bit redundant.  (To some extent they made that work by having McClain directly comment on it himself: “How can the same shit happen to the same guy two Christmases in a row?”  LOL.)

When the third came out, I was skeptical… but it worked!  But really only b/c of the great chemistry between Samuel L Jackson and Bruce Willis.  (Still, the illogical ending was a bit stupid.)

Then they came out w/ a forth… and I was very skeptical.  And this time my fears were correct.  They had clearly jumped the shark.  They had turned McCalin into a superhero… and thus totally undermined what was so great about the original concept.

Now there’s a Die Hard 5 coming out.  I have NO desire to see a Die Hard 5.  Except…

If you check out the trailer, 35 seconds in there is an OH MY GODS sexy girl dismounting an OH MY GODS sexy Yamaha sport-bike.  Woof!!!  *panting and drooling*

Okay, it’s probably not enough to get me to sit through the stupid movie (Hans Gruber Jr!?  Seriously!?)… but I can enjoy watching the trailer over and over!

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