Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Frolicon 2014, part 2 of 3: This is for Science

I spent Thursday night w/ Sir… and that of course usually leads to frisky puppy fuck time in the morning.  After we showered, we joined Ruby and Madjester for breakfast.  Sir had a rope suspension class he wanted to do.  I carried his rope bag over for him and then I went to go check in at my room and change clothes before coming back down to get tied-up as his practice bottom.  (Hunter was sleeping in.)  My lovely Owner was up in the room w/ Lilith (her girlfriend) and Noir… and I somehow got distracted and forgot to return to Sir to get tied up in the rope class.  Oops.  Wolfhound fail.  (Fortunately, he later said he basically knew the knots anyway… so, no impeding punishment.)

So I helped Ma’am carry stuff down from our room for the 11am CAPEX-sponsored party in the dungeon.  This being the first party of the day, not a lot of people came in to play – I think there was a couple of rope scenes (one very cool suspension) and a flogging.  Sir and his wolfhound ended-up lying on the floor together.  He had his head in my lap, and I made some snarky comment (I honestly don’t remember what I said or regarding what) and Sir rolled his head over and bit me hard on my thigh.  Even after the birthday beating he’d soon be giving me, that thigh bite still hurts more than my back does now.  Big bruise!

Boy River was teaching an introduction to pup play right next door and Hunter was his demo puppy, so Sir and I stepped out of the CAPEX party to sit in on River’s class and make sure our Dalmatian didn’t run totally amok.  We only caught part of the class, but River is a great public speaker; he has a real… honest presence to him.

After the CAPEX party, Ma’am and I carried the CAPEX stuff back up to our room… and then I had to return to the dungeon to join my Alpha in the “women watch while men play” party.  This is a dicey one.  (1) A lot of gay men don’t like to play w/ a bunch of women around.  (2) Even those like Sir who don’t mind that, still feel a bit like they are putting on a show rather than having a scene.  I mean: you walk into the dungeon and for every 2 men playing there are 6 or 12 women sitting in chairs around them watching.  So… yeah, it can be awkward.

But that wasn’t actually the problem I was having.  I just got a chill as I stripped naked, and then Sir tied me on a metal grid thing for my birthday beating – cold metal.  So I was having trouble finding my headspace… and Sir sensed it because he paused to check in w/ me and ask if I wanted to stop.  I told him I could keep going… and soon I was able to get into the headspace we both needed from me.  Sir had a couple of evil new toys to beat me with: a rubber dragon tail he borrowed and a heavy rubber flogger he just bought.  In the name of science, he wanted to find out which hurt worse.

“And remember, this is for posterity.  Please, be honest.  How do you feel?”

The dragon tail (very stingy!) hurt more, but I preferred it b/c I could process that pain more easily.  The heavy rubber flogger was super “scrapey” – it would stick and grab, and it felt like it was peeling the skin right off my back.  Fortunately the Alpha pup was nice and did most of my 38 birthday beatings w/ “Thumper,” his ultra thuddy, heavy, elephant hide flogger which I love.  Did I say 38?  Yeah, I somehow honestly forgot how old I was and told Sir I was turning 38 rather than 39… so we decided that we have to re-do the birthday scene.  LOL.  Which probably would be a good idea anyway – while I was eventually able to overcome the cold and get into my headspace, Sir was not really happy w/ the scene b/c he was unable to overcome the “on stage” feeling of trying to play w/ me while a dozen women sit and watch him.

After our scene/performance, Hunter finished getting spanked by another Top, and we played around on the floor at Sir’s feet for a bit, and then Hunter was pimped-out to a new guy.  It looked like they were getting on fine, so Sir and I left Hunter to his new friend while we went up to my room and then the con suite for food.  Hunter caught up w/ us in the con suite, and we all got some needed protein in us.  Then my pack-mates and I returned to my room to grab a shower.  Three puppies in the shower!  Yea!

I went hunting for my Owner and Handler but they were not to be found, and Ma’am kept leaving her phone in the room, and for some reason I still don’t have Poet’s phone number in my phone…  I couldn’t find them, so I re-joined my pack-mates in a “cock and ball worship” class – for which our Loki was the demo cock.  (Such a dick…)  Let me just say, too, I heard a lot of good stuff about the whole class line-up this year.  I didn’t make it to many classes myself, but I heard there were a lot of new – and very good – classes: costuming, writing, kink, sex, spirituality…

After Sir was done having his cock and balls worshiped in the name of education, it was dinner time.  We wanted to do a family dinner, and Poet wanted to take us out to a nearby Ethiopian restaurant.  It was really good, and it was just quite nice to get out of the con hotel and have some time w/ my family “polecule”: Shdwkitten, Loki, Poet, and Hunter – my Owner, Alpha, Handler, and mischievous little brother.  :)

We returned to the con hotel and to our respective rooms.  Ma’am changed from her beautiful silk dress (hand made by our Poet) and into her East German police uniform (also by Poet).  Hunter soon rejoined us when Sir went off to a fund-raiser costume party.  Ma’am, Poet, the Dalmatian, and I hung out on the concourse drinking and socializing – she held the beta pup’s leash and I held the omega – until it was time for the four of us to join Sir at the SELF pajama party.  This was the lowest key party of the con: they were just laying around in PJs watching The Fifth Element, chillin.  We left my pack-mates there while Ma’am, Poet, and I went to check-out the other room parties.  It was still early (only like 10:30) so there wasn’t much going on yet.  Ma’am and Poet wanted to go back down to the concourse/smoking deck to hang out.  I flipped a mental coin and decided to re-join the puppies.  (It was cold and rainy outside… and I didn’t rally feel like waiting in an elevator line again…)

After we finish The Fifth Element (and I finished my third or fourth rum and coke) we headed to the Jock and Jill party, with me once again holding the Dalmatian’s leash.  I’m not into sports kit at all (if anything, for me it might be a turn off), but it’s one of Sir’s biggest fetishes – right up there w/ centaurs, in fact.  But we all had fun b/c, while Loki entertained himself w/ one (or more) of the jock-boys, I pounced Hunter on the wrestling mat for some sexy puppy make-out time.  However, by 2:30am, Hunter and I were exhausted… and Sir was just getting warmed up.  So we left him to go back to my room to nap.  My Owner had turned in early and taken a sleeping pill (Poet made a play date w/ a girl who wanted to feel his violet wand – euphemism? You decide.), so we happily curled-up in bed w/ the Kitten.  After napping for an hour Hunter left us to return to Loki.  Not long after, Poet came in, and I let him have the bed and curled up on the floor nearby, a tired but content beta puppy.

Thus ends Friday – really 4am Saturday – at Frolicon 2014.  More still to cum…

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  1. Hey, I understood that reference!

    The Ethiopian was educational too. We learned a new equation. Hunter + Ethnic Food = bad.