Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Frolicon 2014, part 3 of 3: All this and a banana w/ no pants

After seeing roomies Noir and Lilith off to their Saturday morning naked yoga class, Poet, Shdwkitten and I decided to start the day at the decidedly less healthy hair of the dog party.  One year I want to go to the hair of the dog party in pup gear – a dog at hair of the dog… I think it’d be cute.  But it’s so hard to justify putting on fetish gear and walking on all fours at 10am.  I’ve done it!  At the first couple of Frolicons I came to the littles brunch in pup-mode.  But this year it was on two-legs as we ventured out for mimosas, Bloody Marys, and (most important to the wolfhound) sausage balls!

Sir Loki had to DM the dungeon photo shoot party, but he mistakenly thought Hunter couldn’t attend for some reason, so he sent the Dalmatian to us.  Somehow, back in our hotel room, we ended-up talking about underwear and this led to Hunter discovering, to his great shock, that I didn’t own any jocks nor had I ever worn one.  (Proof once again that I’m much lower on the Kinsey scale than my pack-mates.)  (Although Loki is heading in my direction, b/c he was kissing a lot of girls at Frolicon.)  So Hunter gifted me my first jock – actually yet more handed-down underwear from our hyena pack-mate Bishop.  So, I put on my new jock… and then slid down Hunter’s sexy tight leather pants just enough for us to start having some fun on the bed while Ma’am and Poet showered.  Sir had figured out that we could attend the photo party if we wanted and text’ed Hunter to come on down.  Hunter paused long enough to reply: “I have Emrys’s wiener in my mouth. TTYL.” 

Okay, so… a couple of friends of Lilith and Noir’s were going to be using our room as a staging area while they were at con.  We’d never met them before.  So there’s a knock at the door.  Total strangers.  “Hi, we’re Lilith and Noir’s friends.”  So Ma’am lets them in to drop off their stuff… and she’s fresh out of the shower and wearing only a pair of panties… and there are two human-pups on the bed doing a 69…

Hi, nice to meet you!  Welcome to our room!  Make yourselves at home.  LOL.

Now that’s a Frolicon moment.

So eventually we did all end-up dressed.  Ma’am and Poet weren’t interested in getting photos done, so Hunter and I headed that way on our own.  I was actually really stoked about getting some professional pics in my new rubber hood – I got a very nice hood from for my birthday.  We arrived in the dungeon to find our Saint Bernard posing for shots in his Captain America under-armor, showing off his rippling muscles as he loves to do.  LOL.  One of the two photographers turned out to be an old con buddy of mine, Tripartite, whom I lost touch w/ after we all stopped using Livejournal three or four years ago.  As we always do, Tripartite and I enjoyed retelling the story of the first con we met at: Fantasm 2003.  Funny story.  At the time it was scary; I thought he was going to shoot me.  Like, for real.  With a gun.  Ask me, and I’ll tell you the story some time.  But now, I got him to shoot me w/ his camera, and I am sooooooooo looking forward to getting the pics.  I promise to post them as soon as I can.

We had previously made a play date to bring the puppies to the littles party, but unfortunately the littles party turned out to be at the same time as the men only party, so we were double-booked.  Hopefully next year.  (I love to play w/ littles while I’m in pup mode.  So much fun.  One of my favorite Frolicon memories was years ago when a little tried to kick at me (in pup mode) and his flip-flop came off, and I grabbed it in my mouth and ran off under a table.  LOL.

Sir had a play date or two lined-up at the men only party.  I was in pup gear still from the photo shoot, so I just sat by the Alpha’s stuff and waited for my little brother to get back.  In thee meantime a guy I didn’t know came over, got on all fours, and started barking at me.  We played together, and eventually Hunter showed-up.  The three of us played some… but it soon turned more into a snuggle pile.  Hunter had an upset tummy.  We’d gone out to an Ethiopian restaurant last night, and the exotic, spicy food wasn’t agreeing w/ our Dalmatian’s stomach (which is more used to a diet of cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets).  Hunter had tweeted that he was “Eating Ethiopian food and being all cultured and shit.”  Someone asked back what Ethiopian food was like, to which Hunter tweeted, “It’s like playing with Loki, first you’re scared but it’s actually really good, then there’s pain and your butt hurts.”  LOL.

Anyway… puppy pile.  At some point, another stranger who had been watching us came over and asked if he could join in our cuddle pile, to which Hunter responded by snuggling right up into him.  (“Puppy” is another name for “attention whore.”)  We ran into him later, and he told us how grateful he was for the experience.  He said it was cool to experience male energy that wasn’t aggressive or sexual – just cuddly.  :)

The party over, Sir decided that our Dalmatian was owed a cheeseburger, so we headed over to Ruby Tuesdays (sans rubber hood)… where we ran into Noir and Lilith… and Airlemental and Pup Thrasher… and boy River and Dale... and saw a guy wandering around in the parking lot wearing the top half a banana suit and no pants or underwear.  Weird… even for Frolicon.

After dinner I regrouped w/ Owner and Hander back up in our room.  Ma’am did another costume change.  This time it was her American Mary costume, complete with latex apron (by Poet) and prop bone saw (by me) and booze bandolier (from Loki).  We went down to the concourse to meet and greet and drink.  Met some cool folks.  Met some less cool folks.  At one point when we were all gathered about talking this woman comes over to Lilith and introduces herself as Goddess so-n-so (*rolls eyes*) and practically gives Lilith and Noir her resume about her pro-dom house or some shit.  She asks for Lilith to pose in some photos w/ her (which I’m sure she’ll put into her advertising somewhere) b/c “When I see something beautiful I’m just drawn to such beauty.”  (To which, under her breath, my unacknowledged but standing right there Owner was like, “Well, fuck you too, lady.”)  Okay, so just for those out there who might be wondering:  If you call yourself “Goddess” anything and you aren’t being ironic, that’s probably about the fastest way to signal to anyone in the lifestyle w/ any experience that you are someone not to be taken seriously.  And if you approach a group of friends/family then meet everybody first and at least attempt to show some interest in people rather than coming across immediately like: “You can be useful to me; the rest of you serve no purpose for me.”  Of course first impressions can be wrong… but, well, she didn’t make a very good one.  Okay, end of digression.

For a while I was with Ma’am and Poet… then I was w/ them and my pack-mates… then I got transferred to the pups as my people vanished into the crowed on the busy concourse.  My Owner doesn’t care for hoods (she finds them creepy), but knowing Loki doesn’t have this problem, I soon asked Sir if I could wear my hood again.  He pulled my awesome new hood on me, and Hunter and I followed him around.  I got sooooo many complements on my hood.  The Alpha decided he was ready to head upstairs to do the room parties.  We got in line for the elevator.  The next one only had room for two, so Sir ordered us to jump on – me still holding Hunter’s leash – and told us to go to 12.  We arrived at 12, but Sir, in the next elevator, made less stops and beat us up.  “Oh, thank god you’re here,” he says.  “I realized I forgot to specify that you should get off on 12, and I was afraid you just rode up and then rode back down.”  (Sir has learned that puppies often require detailed instructions.)

So, we started the Saturday night party crawl.  You start on 12 and then, taking the stairs down, wind down, floor-by-floor, visiting room parties on your way and trying out all the free alcohol.  Sir was wearing his shotgun bandolier of shots (liquor shots) and giving away drinks for booty or a kiss.  He got a lot of booty and even more kisses – from girls and boys (straight and gay – at least at Frolicon, many straight men will kiss a gay dude for free alcohol).  By the time we made it to six, we were pretty tired, and our Saint Bernard was pretty lit, so we decided to call it a night.

We stopped by my room, where we ran into Noir and Lilith and had fun chatting w/ them about protocols and D/s dynamics, finding ways to get Lilith into trouble, and Sir got permission from Noir to bite her boobs.  (Sir’s Kinsey score is continuing to drop.)

Finally (around 3am) we three pups ended up in bed together in Sir’s room and passed out…

Therefore, Sunday morning brought a sexy-hot puppy threesome w/ the wolfhound in the middle!  *wags*

Then breakfast.  My pups said goodbye and headed on back to their respective homes.  I rejoined my Owner and Handler.  We were in the parking lot when the explosion happened.  I immediately thought it sounded like a transformer blew-up.  We soon learned the power was out in the hotel.  Well, I’m glad it was Sunday and not Friday or Saturday… and at least a little later in the morning, so many of the hotel guests were already checked-out.

Ma’am said she had a great con – spent “mostly chasing boobs.”  My lovely Owner is bi, but she seemed to be focused on the ladies this year, and, from what I hear, made out like a she-bandit.  Poet also had a good time, and I hope he’ll get some costuming business from the cards he handed out and his lovely model, Shdwkitten.  He’s Poet_Gareth on Fetlife and does custom costuming and props.  I had fun showing off my new hood, taking my birthday beating, drinking and laughing w/ friends, spending time w/ my pack-mates and introducing my little brother to Frolicon, and especially the couple of opportunities the five of us had to be together as a family.

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