Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Human-Animal Transformation Erotica

Recently (while having a very boring day at work) my Alpha, Sir Loki, made a post about his fetish for transformations.  “Transformation has always been a big fetish of mine, from werewolves to hypnosis and cyborg conversions.  I suppose each of those also ties in to a loss of control, now that I think about it.”  As it would happen, Sir and I share this fetish (imagine that) – and I think I could also include pack-mates Gwynn and Hunter in this one.

I love transformations.  Not so much the cyborg thing (I’m a Luddite), but turning humans into animals (though hypnosis or brainwashing, physical/surgical alterations, fantasy magic, or just sexy gear) is a hot erotic fantasy for me, and defiantly underlies my interest in puppy play and pup headspace.  Can’t say I’ve had centaur fantasies like some pups I know, but I’ve been jerking-off to werewolves ever since I was 14.  I’m not sure which came to me first: the original Howling w/ the werewolf sex scene or Marvel Comics Presents #54-59 which had a Werewolf by Night story penciled by Jim Fry that had a very Howling look to it…

To this day, during S/m play and during sex I tend to bark, growl, howl, and whine like a dog!  During both: I love to be bitten and scratched.  The sexy appeal of puppy gear stems from this as well: the rubber, vinyl, or Lycra skin; the hoods; the tails…  For several years I wasn’t as much into that, but mostly out of practical necessity: I don’t have the money to spend on lots of gear and my Owner isn’t really into it – but recently I’ve been perving a lot more on internet pics of rubber and Lycra pups.

In Sir’s post, he shared a link w/ one of his favorite animal transformation-themed erotica, so I figured I’d share one or two of mine.  Now, this requires something of a disclaimer.  I will admit that the erotica I like tends to be very rape-y, very non-consensual.  Bootbrush has often spoken out against this kind of depiction of our lifestyle and community, and I’m on-board w/ him.  Yes, absolutely we need to show and celebrate loving, nurturing, non-abusive BDSM!  What I think I would say is that there is a place for both “porn” and “romance,” and the problem w/ our community is that we have lots of good BDSM “porn” but no “romance” – we don’t often get the BDSM/leather equivalent of The Notebook, Sleepless in Seattle, or Pride and Prejudice.  (Nobody is allowed to mention that stupid “BDSM” book that’s been made into, I’m sure, and equally stupid movie.)  However, I have heard many a Dom admit that they have kidnap and rape fantasies.  I’m sure there are other subs like me who have fantasies about being kidnapped and rapped… and forced into submission, mentally (and physically?) transformed…

Point of the disclaimer: both of these stories are pure fantasy and not what I would ever put forward to the "mainstream" as a representation of our lifestyle.  I assume most of us perverts probably enjoy jerking-off to things that in real life would be absolutely tragic, horrific, and 100% unacceptable (not to mention totally unrealistic).  Enjoy the fantasy and live ethically, i.e. SSC/RACK.  Nuff said.

Stallions by 2NN
A bodybuilder goes home with a guy he meets at the gym… gets kidnapped, becomes addicted to sex, broken, and transformed into a pony.

Another Batch of Stallions by 2NN
In the sequel, four boys are kidnapped.  Two become ponies (kind of repetitive), one a chastised house-slave, and one (my favorite part) a sex-addicted dog-slave.  Woof-woof!

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