Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blind Boys... and Maya Angelou

Okay, Emrys, so other than the Dominion party what else have you been up to?

Well, last Friday, Shdwkitten took her Hound to see the Blind Boys of Alabama in concert.  They were very good.  I'm not particularly into gospel music... but I'm also of the opinion that good music is good music in any genera -- so consequentially I have very eclectic tastes -- and this was good music.  They have a great sound, and their live show is very entertaining.  Here's a Blind Boys clip for you; them doing Tom Wait's "Down in a Hole." (I love Tom Waits, too.)

Saturday we spent at the Pirate's place, and Ma'am took me out to see Mama.  It was okay.  I liked the way it played around w/ some elements from fairy tales -- especially Hansel & Gretel.  That story begins w/ Hansel and Gretel's father taking them out in the woods and abandoning them, where they are found by a witch... who takes them in and feeds the, but she's actually fattening them up to kill and eat them.  Mama has a similar through-line.  Parts of the movie are quite good, and it has one very cool visual effect at the end... but it's probably not a movie I'll sit through a second time.

Sunday you already know about.  ;-)

Then, last night, I got to go see Maya Angelou speak.  She spoke to a packed Colosseum -- the university basketball arena.  I had VIP seating (Very Important Puppy), so I was like 6 rows back from her.  She was wonderful!  Inspiring, funny, classy, smart, moving...  If you every get a chance to see  Maya Angelou, take it.  And it was particularly cool to be able to hear her commemorate MLK Day and President Obama's second inaugural (where he spoke pretty clearly about civil rights, marriage equality, and even mentioned Stonewall).  So I'll leave you w/ Maya Angelou reading "Phenomenal Woman."  Check it out.

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