Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Slave Leia Photo Shoot

I’d say this is my claim to fame, but nobody knows I was responsible.  Maybe instead I should say, here's something random you probably don't know about the Wolfhound.  So here’s the story…

I was at Dragon*Con about… oh, like 6 years ago.  I was standing among a group of friends we’d run into in the expo room… including my friend S. who was dressed as Slave Leia (to complement her stormtrooper boyfriend).  (I was dressed as Mal Reynolds, if you care.)  We happened to be standing near this fantasy game something exhibit that had this Conan-looking throne… so on a whim, I grabbed S. and drug her over to the throne and sat her on my lap.  My Owner snapped a picture of us, w/ me looking like: “It’s good to be king!”

Well, some of our friends wanted their photo w/ S. in the same pose.  And then some other people gathered as pictures were being made… including another Slave Leia or two.

My Owner and I moved on… but apparently the photo shoot continued to snowball after we left… and then went viral.  Pictures from the Slave Leia photo shoot started turning up all over the net.  My favorite is this one which turned up on a “demotivator” poster (w/ our friend S. down front).  So fanboys all over the world can thank me for this.

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