Monday, January 21, 2013

Starting the Year at Dominion

Had a great time Sunday afternoon at the inaugural… that would be the inauguration of the 2013 season of Atlanta Dominion, the bi-monthly all-male play party at 1763.

Started the morning off on a puppy-fail by spilling coffee on Sir Loki’s carpet.  :(  I’m still convinced that it was somehow Tebow’s fault; I just haven’t worked out the logistics yet… something to do w/ him distracting me… and the curvature of the Earth…  (How many puppies does it take to operate a carpet shampooer?  Apparently more than three.)  I redeemed myself, though, b/c (a) I got some pins for my pack: a Saint Bernard for Sir and a beagle for Tebow – to match the Wolfhound pin I have on my leather jacket, and (b) I brought puppy treats from my Owner: bight-sized brownies she baked in the shape of little bones.

After a surprisingly tasty turkey club from Cosco, it was time to get to 1763 to set-up for Dominion.  I had (as always) loads of fun.  One of my happiest moments was actually before the party officially started:  Puppy Hunter and I got to sit around Sir’s feet in the reception area as he checked people in.  I’ve determined this is the place to be b/c we got scritches from most of the guests as they came in… lots of scritches.  I think every dungeon party needs a couple of human-pups at the door to greet people.  :)

What was really extra cool was that I got to wear a new rubber hood Sir acquired.  He was fortunate enough to find a matching hood to his original rubber-pup hood, just w/ the colors reversed.  Here’s Tebow (left) and I (right) looking all sharp:

Once the party got started Hunter (looking great in his Dalmatian zentai) and I romped about on the floor while Sir beat somebody on the cross.  Lots of good puppy-wrestling, barking, humping, licking, snuggling, ball-chasing, ball-sniffing, and all of that good stuff!

Next, Loki got to try-out some of his new electrical toys he brought back from MAL.  Not on me.  I think next time we play, I’m going to ask Sir if I can try the electrified dildo… but I’m still not entirely sold on the electrified ball crusher yet.  :-/

So instead of electricity, I got tied to the cross and beaten all to Hell.  (Thank you, Sir!)  I have some really nice marks this morning – mostly from the whip, I think… and bight marks from the Alpha Pup chewing on me.  He likes to make a bight mark first and then use it as a target to aim the whip or dragon-tail at.  And for some reason I don’t complain about this.  :D

Well, I say, “for some reason,” but I know what a big part of it is for me.  I think my masochist streak is strongly connected to my puppy-loyalty/service side.  I love making my Tops happy.  In a great scene, the best part is frequently when Sir will pause from beating the Hell out of me for a moment, pet me, and say, “Good boy!”  I can go though a lot of pain to hear that and know that I’m making Sir happy.  When I play w/ Ma’am, she doesn’t as often say “Good boy”… but when we’re really connecting it will be a look in her eyes and her smile when I can just see the pure joy she is feeling (in ripping me to shreds).  It makes me sooooo happy as her Pup to see her taking so much enjoyment from playing w/ me.  *wags*

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