Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Bound

There’s a saying that you should spend New Year’s Eve doing what you want to do more of in the coming year… which is why most people spend it at a booze-up.

The Pirate (Ma’am’s boyfriend) came over to the Treehouse.  The three of us got into the alcohol (how shocking is that?) and got silly-drunk while watching The Muppet Show on DVD (and Shdwkitten got to tell the story of her and Boymeat in the Frolicon dungeon, shouting “Pigs in SPAAAAAAACE!”).  Ma’am and her Pirate were curled-up on the couch w/ her loyal hound on the puppy-pillow in front of the fire.  They were doing tequila shots; I was drinking white whine and eating ginger snaps.  Incidentally, if any of my readers don’t already know this trick: whenever you imbibe deeply, to avoid a hangover the morning, all you have to do is drink a glass of water and take a multivitamin before bed.  Hangovers are caused by dehydration and vitamin depletion, so I’ve used this very simple trick for years, and it’s never failed me. 

We did the midnight toast (Do you know why it’s called a “toast?”  The Romans used to put a bit of burnt bread in bad wine; the charcoal would cut the acidity.)  Then it was bedtime.  I spend most nights is a large dog kennel beside Ma’am’s bed… but not tonight.  Ma’am took me up to my studio, stripped me down to collar and cock-cage, pulled on my leather hood, buckled on the blindfold, and then leashed me to the bed.  Then she whispered in my ear, “And now I’m going to go fuck my Pirate,” and then she left.

Needless to say, between the alcohol buzz, the smell and feel of the leather hood, the click of the leash, and my Owner’s parting words… I was instantly into headspace… and very horny, w/ my drooling puppy-cock straining against the cage it was locked in all through the night.  It was an amazing night!  The best part was in the morning: slowly waking-up, drifting lazily in and out of sleep, deep in sub-space, and waiting w/ tremendous anticipation for my Owner to come for me.  By the time she came, my skin was so sensitive that simply her petting me was the most erotic feeling.  Warm and fuzzy yummy goodness…

So, if it’s true that you should spend New Year’s Eve doing what you want to do more of, 2013 is off to an auspicious beginning.  *wags*


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