Monday, February 25, 2013

AnacroCon 2013 (and 1913, 1813...)

-- I found a puppy!
-- Yea!
-- Can I pet it?
-- Yes.
-- Can I feed it?
-- Yes.
-- Can I take it home w/ me?
-- No… but you can fuck it if it will let you.
-- Cool.  … Wait, what?

(A note to anyone reading this blog for the first time: No literal, biological canines were involved anywhere in this conversation.)

That exchange of dialogue was almost as odd as hearing Shdwkitten say, “Oh, I still have tequila in my skirt.”  (No, that’s not a type-o; “in” not “on.”)

We had a fantastic time at AnacroCon Saturday.  AnacroCon is Atlanta’s sci-fi steampunk/alternate-history convention.  I had kind of wanted to go to this con since I first heard of it a couple of years ago… but it was never high on the priority list.  However, this year a con-friend of ours gave us a prefect excuse by having his (steampunk themed) wedding at the con Saturday afternoon and inviting us.  I did a Sherlock Holmes look (but w/ my Ravenclaw scarf on), and the beautiful Shdwkitten looked fantastic in steampunk garb w/ a tricked-out parasol by Maggie.

So, how fun was it?  Let’s see, the wolfhound had a glass of wine at lunch then a vodka & soda followed by two vodka & OJ’s that afternoon, then a HUGE beer at dinner, and three vodka & sodas that evening… so, yeah, I had a very good time.  :D

Ma’am and I were very happy to be joined by Sir and for most of the day Tebow as well.  I love our bimonthly Dominion parties, but it’s always great to be able to spend time at something other than a dungeon party… NOT that this vanilla event kept me from getting bit and chewed on.  Ma’am almost ripped my throat out Friday night, and then Saturday Loki left 3 or 4 heavy bight-marks on my right shoulder.  That’s still ouchy today.

So back to the drinking thing…  Sir wore his fantastic steampunk Saint Bernard costume which includes not only his collar-barrel of whisky but a bandoleer stocked w/ liquor.  (Hence all the vodka I was putting away.)    (I'll post some pictures if I can get a copy from Ma'am.)  We discovered that whoever was holding the bandoleer was the most popular person in the room at that moment.  Once, Sir had given it to Tebow to hold on to, and some fellow con-goers spotted it, causing the girls to try and bribe him w/ boobies for booze.

-- We have boobs!
-- Sorry, ladies, I don’t play on that team.

This caused the guys in their group to offer themselves up:
-- We have penises, too!

(Got to love con geeks!  One woman tried to trade Tebow her husband for booze.)

However, the beagle already had a date lined-up for that evening, so he took off after dinner.  Ma’am, Sir, and I hung-out some more at the con.  Somehow we failed to make it to the Men w/o Pants Party.  I know, that’s really out of character.  I also failed to hear any of the bands I wanted to hear...  But we had a bandoleer full of liquor, so we were good.

Finally it was time to call it a night and drive Sir home.  Ma’am said we could ride in the back seat and make-out… which means I can now cross “oral sex in the back seat of a moving car” from my bucket list.  Honestly I didn’t think we were doing anything too kama-sutra, but Ma’am said that it looked in the rearview mirror like I was in some pretty wild positions.  Well… my doctor has advised me to take up yoga, so I was just getting some practice.  ;-)

In summation:
AnacroCon = good.  (The vender’s room ROCKED! Amazing stuff.)
Sending time w/ Ma’am and Sir together = always good.
Bandoleer of liquor = very good.
Puppy sex in the backseat of a car = Woof!

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