Monday, March 4, 2013

J. Michael Strazynski's nephew

So, Babylon 5 is one of my favorite TV series, right?  And I had all of the DVD sets but one -- the B5 movie collection.  And Ma'am and I just finished re-watching the B5 series, so we figured, may as well go ahead and pick-up the last DVD set.  So we go to the book store and we get the last set we needed, and the check-out guy goes:  "Oh, B5!  J. Michael Strazynski is my uncle."

And I'm just looking at him like "What?"

And he says, "Really -- he's really my uncle.  He's my mom's step-brother."  And he goes on to provide other supporting details.

Very strange.

So, J. Michael Strazynski's nephew sold me my last B5 DVD collection.

In a bookstore in rural North Carolina.

Very, very strange.

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