Monday, March 11, 2013

Ow. Ow. And… Ow!!!

I don’t think I’ve been this battered and bruised since last year’s Frolicon.

Friday, after she got home from work, my fantastic Owner took me into our studio/play room, stuck needles in my pecks, bit me, beat me, edged me (I hadn’t cum in a week), and held a vibrator to the needles (which felt sooooo good).  So that was scene number one.

Saturday I dropped Shdwkitten off at her boyfriend’s place and drove on down to Sir Loki’s… where I found a hot tub full of puppies!  So after I sent my first text message (over Loki’s phone b/c only I had dry paws… Have I mentioned that I’m a bit of a Luddite?) I stripped and joined my packmates in the hot tub.  And that’s where we spent the next 2 hours.  And that’s where Sir got inspired to create the Olympic rings logo on my shoulder out of bight marks (and did an amazingly good job), bight me on the back of my calf (Ow!), use my penis as a chewtoy (no comment).  We’ll call that scene number two.

Next came dinner w/ Atlantarubber and his family.  I forget what I said, but I made some snarky comment that caused Sir to hit me… while I had a taco in my hand… which caused ground beef to fly everywhere, but mostly, I think, all over the beagle.  That doesn’t count as a scene.  We don’t count food play… unless it’s “eating something spicy w/ your ass.”  (Apparently something beagles do, I don’t know…)

So we went to 1763 where Atlantarubber had a private room which he invited us to come chill in… quickly resulting in a puppy pile on the bed!  (Well, three pups and a Cajun.)  Things quickly moved to “adult content.”  I soon found that I had one Top flogging me while I was laying on top of Tebow… and yet it was Tebow who red-ed out, b/c apparently I was crushing his junk.  *rolls eyes*  Eh… we’ll call that scene number two and half.

So it was time for Decadence to start at 1763… but nobody was playing, so I was volun-told to be the ice-breaker.  The party ice-breaker, as it were, was me being hung upside down by my feet (suspension cuffs) and used as a piñata.  I LOVED this!  I’ve never been beaten upside-down before.  It was soooooo cool!  Scene count = 3.5.

(Side note: While all that was going on, somebody managed to spill the soda I stashed under a bench… thus continuing last Dominion’s spilled-drink theme.  NOT my fault!)

Next, I was volun-told to participate in balls-vs-balls tug-a-war.  I did not love this quite so enthusiastically as the piñata scene.  You take two bottoms, put parachutes on each of their nut sacks, chain the parachutes together, and have them slowly crawl away from one-another.  Now I’m a pretty all-around masochist, but CBT – especially heavy CBT – isn’t really my favorite thing… so I was just a little apprehensive (i.e. shaking in mortal terror) at this whole situation.  The Tops tried to encourage me to crawl/pull by hitting me w/ paddles and dragon-tails.  Now, I know I can take paddles and dragon-tails all night, so I was like, “Fuck it; I’m not moving; I’m staying right here, and you keep hitting me.”  LOL.  I don’t think the chain ever got fully un-slack to tell the truth… but I was still quite grateful when Sir came over be close to me during this particular ordeal.  Scene count = 4.5.

That pretty much wrapped it up for Decadence.  After Sir enjoyed a cigar – which I would not let him blow smoke in my face (I’d rather go back to the f-ing tug-a-war) – and then we called it a night, because…

Sunday was the Dominion party at 1763!  Sir got himself warmed-up by beating the new puppy (we don’t have a name or a breed for him yet… he still has the new puppy smell!)… and apparently either Tebow or I managed to spill a cup of coffee Sir left in the corner before this scene.  I don’t know what’s going on w/ the spilled-drink-karma!?  I’m going to restrict everyone around me to sippy-cups.  Anyway… properly warmed up (and annoyed at the loss of his coffee) Loki more-or-less ambushed me and pinned me in the corner.  What followed was, I think, one of our more intense primal-play scenes.  Tooth and claw!  And tongue… and throat… and cock.  An old friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in a year was there doing a spanking-scene on the far end of the dungeon, and just hearing my barking and growling, was like, “Hey, I know that puppy!”  LOL.

And when our primal play climaxed, so did I.  ;-)
(There’s just something extra-extra submissively hot about cleaning your cum of your Dominant’s boots.  Just putting that out there.)

Scene count = 5.5 + an orgasm.

And so it was time to get on the road home.  Besides, I was tore-up-from-the-floor-up!  Today I still feel like a walking bruise.

(But a happy one.)

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