Friday, March 15, 2013

Posting Puppy Play Plugs

I just want to put a plug on here for the NoSafeWord podcast at .  The second episode (March 2; SEA-PAH, bow rorr rorr) has a really excellent discussion on puppy play.  It touches on a little of everything from headspace to gear, sex and moshing, toys and Woof Camp…  Definitely worth listening to!

And (another plug) if you are curious about puppy play and you are w/in striking distance of Charlotte, NC, Saturday, 3/23/13, Sir Loki is teaching a puppy play class/demo at CAPEX in Charlotte.  Stop by and say “Woof!”  Look here for more:

 And finally, I'd like to share a photo which I would caption:
      "Speak softly, and bring an Irish wolfhound."

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