Monday, April 1, 2013

Frolicon 2013: Good Friday, Leather Vest

Friday morning we arrived early at the Con hotel, checked in, registered, etc. in time for me to go to the "Women who like to watch male-on-male action" play party.  It was funny b/c I walked in and there were like 30+ people all sitting in a big circle watching, in the middle, Sir Loki tying-up Tebow to try out a suspension tie... which is about the least interesting scene there is to watch, but there wasn't much else going on.  (Or they were all just mesmerized by the inherent hotness of my pack-mates...)

After that slightly uninspiring party, Sir went up to the masturbation party (to each his own) while Tebow, Samo, and I ended-up at the Little's pirate-themed party w/ several other pup's in the extended Atlanta pack.  Pup-ing out w/ littles is actually lots of fun... but we actually just ended-up standing around shooting the breeze.  However, this party did provide one of my absolutely favorite moments of the con, when She-who-must-not-be-named walked in, started to come over to our pack to socialize, saw me standing protectively among the pups not-quite growling at her, thought better of it, turned around and left.  Yay!  There are very few people that I absolutely don't get along with, but trust me when I say that this woman is simply a predator in our community, so I was not about to let her get anywhere around my pack.  *snarl*

After that the pups wanted to watch the wrestling demo.  Not too excited about that, I tracked-down my Owner at Boy Meat's Thug Play class.  We've both seen this one before a couple of times, but it's a great class.  He's one of the better presenters out there, I think.  Entertaining and informative.  But Ma'am wanted to prowl, so we ended-up hooking back up w/ the pack (sans-Loki) at the wrestling mat... where the Kitten ended-up throwing a cup of water on the Husky, who retaliated by pouring water on the Beagle.  *sigh*  Children.

Next stop was the whiskey and cigar class w/ Ma'am, Sir, and Shdwkitten's girlfriend who was acting as a lovely assistant for the class.  Sir was wearing his Saint Bernard collar-cask (full of Scotch).

After that, we slipped into a panel discussion on adult babies and dipper fetishists.  Not my thing, but our German Shepherd was on the panel... and it's sometimes fun to go learn about something even if it's not your thing.  So I learned more than I ever needed to know about how to avoid dipper rash while we wolfed-down cheeseburgers that Soma had gone out to fetch for us.

Next, Ma'am had commanded all the pups to assemble so she could give me my birthday present from her and Sir.  Getting all the pups to gather and stay in one place is a near-impossible task, and the Alpha Pup, who was doing the herding, was verging on killing all of us.  It was not at all a surprise to me that the Kitten was the one who kept disappearing, but she was trying to gather-up as many of our friends as she could find... and she managed to round-up a handful.  I was told to kneel and that's when...  Ma'am and Sir presented me w/ a leather vest as my "birthday present."  :)

The "earned leather" tradition is usually traced to the Old Guard... but they actually adapted a practice from the het biker gangs of the late 40's and early 50's.  One would first enter a biker gang (het or gay) as a "probie" and not allowed to wear leather.  Only after earning one's way in would one be allowed to wear leather (or wear the club patch).  The gay biker clubs are largely gone, but the tradition has sort of survived: giving a leather vest is a sign of having mastered certain skills, earned respect, or "paid one's dues."

The vest Ma'am and Sir gave me is quite nice, w/ a doggy name tag like Sir’s, and Sir says he’s ordered a leather patch for the back that will also match his -- I can’t wait.  As way-cool as the vest itself is, what means the most to me is who it came from.  Thank you, Ma’am and Sir for being such incredibly wonderful people, for allowing me to be my kooky, perverted, puppy self, and for being the absolutely BEST Dominants that a pup could ever ask for.  Hugs and kisses and licks and nipps to you both!

So Sir put my shinny, new vest on me... and then the pups were ordered to puppy pile!  I got buried under a handful of pups and my Owner's fantastic girlfriend.  After that, the pups scattered to the winds.  Ma'am, Sir, and I ended out on the smoking deck.  I HATE smoking.  I HATE second hand smoke.  YUCK!!!!  Nonetheless, I endured almost an hour on the smoke deck (a new record!) before Sir at last took pity on me and took me upstairs to his room for a shower (and a blowjob).  Sir fell asleep after that... so I wandered a bit... hung out... before finally ending up back in our room, snuggling up in bed w/ my super-hot Owner and a guy she brought "home" for the night.  Yeah!  :)

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