Tuesday, April 2, 2013

FroliCon 2013, Saturday

Last year, a lot of my FroliCon was a “the quest to cum.”  Ma’am had kept me chaste for a week (maybe two?) and then said Loki would be the only one allowed to give me permission to shoot… which he spent the whole con teasing me about.  This year, to the contrary, turned into a three-orgasm con!  LOL.  Starting Friday night when Sir rewarded me for enduing the living hell of the smokers deck by letting me get-off in the shower… then Ma’am let me shoot back in our room later that same night (while she fucked another guy in our bed… b/c that’s how we roll).

I was up well before anyone else Saturday morning… but I knew Sir would be as well (we’re both “morning puppies”), and it wasn’t hard to track him to a rope class.  The most fun there involved Tebow, Sir, and I stealing/taking one-another’s booty.  (That’s a FroliCon thing.  Everybody gets one coin – “booty” – which they can trade to others for favors, and the one w/ the most booty at the end of the Con wins.) 

Our next event (after Boy Andy was kind enough to black my shinny, new vest) was the men-only dungeon party… where our Beagle almost earned my booty coin (or, actually, earned back the booty I stole from him) just by showing up dressed as Robin, the Boy Wonder.  Yummy!  This party wasn’t bad, but Loki was busy playing w/ others (including tying-up said Boy Wonder)… so, making my own fun, I just took an opportunity to pup-out – not very deep into headspace, but I got to romp a little and got some scritches.

My Owner was waiting for us when the party let out.  I know Sir wanted to take me up to his room for a “nap” (I learned at last year’s con that when Loki says “nap” it means being in bed in the middle of the day but it does not imply that anything restful will be happening in that bed), but Ma’am wanted her hound at her side for a while, so she leashed me, and I happily trotted off w/ her.  Leashes are probably my biggest gear fetish.  I’m into some other stuff like hoods, etc., but nothing makes me hard right away like leading me about by a leash… as my lovely Owner knows.  We ended-up back in our room for lunch and down-time…

Sir, Ma'am, and I gathered outside the main dungeon party at 7:30.  My sensational Owner got the main party started quick and intense w/ a play-date she arranged w/ a lovely girl from New York she’s played w/ a couple of times over the years.  They took the wrestling mat and had a very primal, girl-pounced-by-weretiger scene.  It was really, freaking hot!

We followed that by returning to Sir’s hotel room… b/c he had arranged to Top Shdwkitten, and they wanted to play in private.  Thus I found myself watching my two Doms go at it.  This scene started off very, very hot.  It started a touch primal (Ma’am still had that energy going after her primal scene downstairs)… but then it just got silly.  Sir and Ma’am kept verbally baiting one-another… somehow I got drug (verbally) into the middle of it.  At one point in the middle of the scene we found ourselves debating whether Sir was a Kinsey 3 or 4.  And the more Ma’am’s face-paint ended-up on Sir’s face the more we laughed.  (Sir: “I have face-paint on my teeth!”)  There are some really funny pictures on FetLife.  The scene ended before Sir got to half his toys b/c we were all just laughing too hard.  It was probably the most fun scene any of us have had in a while; I was just watching, and I had a blast.

Ma’am headed back downstairs to socialize some more, and Sir took the Wolfhound for a walk though the room parties.  We drank enough to get sufficiently buzzed.  One of the parties involved eating food off of a mostly-naked woman for a prize; fortunately for Sir he brought his “straight stunt bottom” w/ him.  LOL.  After an hour or two of doing the party crawl we went back to Sir’s room to make up for the “nap” he missed out on earlier.

Sex came in two rounds.  Round 1, Sir was in a very primal headspace… which was awesome to see.  Very hot!  I love rough, primal sex w/ lots of growling, biting, and scratching… and Sir got so deep into headspace that he went non-verbal – temporarily lost the ability to use words.  Round 2 was different… but just as hot.  This time Sir was pretty verbal, and he kept pushing all the right buttons – calling me his “little fuck puppy” and his “pretty wolfhound.”  Turned me on!  (Only thing that might have been hotter… is if he leashed me before fucking me.  Hmm… maybe next time.)  I was so into a subby-puppy headspace!  It’s a fantastically hot thing to, just for that space in time, to be totally devoted to serving another’s desire – living, breathing, moving, thinking, and feeling for HIM, aching to follow HIS every command.  That’s where Sir took me Saturday night.  After we finished, it took me while to pull my head together enough to be able to make the trip back to my room for a shower and curling-up in bed w/ my awesome Owner.

So that was my FroliCon 2013.  One Kitten, lots of pups, three orgasms, and a leather vest.  All good.  :)

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