Monday, April 8, 2013

Two Puppies Interviewed

G-pup Alpha (of Sirius Pups) was interviewed recently about human-pup play.  It’s a very good, brief introduction to the topic found at:

Atlanta's own Pup Nitro was a guest on the NoSafeWord podcast.  You can find that at:

The conversation mostly revolves around Community Building Vs. Community Destruction (those who contribute in a positive way vs. those assholes who only badmouth and tear-down), as Nitro recently wrote about in his blog at:

One other topic that came-up was the point that “submissive” doesn’t mean doormat for everybody to walk on.  This is something I’ve also had to deal with… and bloged about as well at:
My take is a little bit different from Nitro’s, but we’re still much of a like mind on this subject.

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