Tuesday, May 27, 2014

International Mr. Leather, 2014 – Part 1, Friday

 I’ve wanted to go to the IML’s Woof Camp for many years.  It’s the largest mosh of pups in the US.  Last year it was 100+ pups and 60+ handlers.  It’s held at International Mr.Leather in Chicago each year.  I’ve never been really interested in IML, per say, (the leather title contest thing just doesn’t do much of anything for me) but Woof Camp has been a dream.  Last weekend that dream got realized when I joined Sir Loki at our first IML.  Spoiler: We had loads of fun!

Friday afternoon, I flew in to Chicago.  I’ve never been that far north in the US before.  (In Europe, I’ve been to Schleswig-Holstein, a stone’s throw from the Denmark boarder.)  I took a shuttle van from Midway into downtown, and enjoyed the Chicago skyline.  It's not crazy-screwy spread out all over the damn place like Atlanta; instead, the tall buildings are all concentrated together in a proper down town.  The Wilis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) is very impressive - formerly the tallest building in the world, and easily the tallest building I've ever seen in person.  Chicago has several buildings taller than any of Charlotte's skyscrapers, but each of those is only a bit more then half the Wilis Tower, so it really does dominate the skyline.

Our shuttle van drove under an el train, and I had this total French Connection geek-out moment.  When I got to the hotel I called my Owner.  Shdwkitten wasn’t able to join me (we had to spend too much money re-building Thunder’s pen – and we weren’t sure if IML would be her thing anyway.  Thank you, Ma’am, for sending me!).  The thing she was the most jealous of?  On the way in we drove past Chase Tower where they record Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me! each week.  For Ma'am, that was far more exciting than IML, Woof Camp, the Wilis Tower, the el, the Art Institute, or anything else.  Just driving past the Chase Auditorium.  (You might be an NPR geek if…)

So, I arrived at the hotel.  The immediate impression is: Oh, my gods, there is a lot of testosterone in this building.  The hotel is like 40 floors, and it's almost all men.  I saw some women there - and I never heard anything about the women there being mistreated or disrespected - but the ratio is like 50 to 1.  Put it this way: the first 7 floors of the hotel are convention levels, and on the first 7 floors they (wisely) converted all the ladies' rooms into unisex restrooms.  So, I'm just arriving and walking through the crowded lobby, and I'm like - "I don't know... we might be a little too heavy on the guy energy here..."  I guess my reaction was different from most of the guys since I’m more hetroflexable than anything else.  It was - well, it was a bit like arriving in a foreign country.  You know, you just have that feeling of being in a different place?  A traveler in a different world?  It was kind of like that.

Fortunately, I like to travel in foreign lands!  Yay!

I roomed w/ Sir and his leather brother, Pup Nitro, and another friend.  They created a space for my bags (one backpack of clothes, and one big suitcase of gear).  Then Sir offered to walk me through the market, so he attached my leash and off we went.  One thing I was really, really looking forward to about this weekend was spending as much time on-leash as possible.  The leash is a huge fetish object for me, and I have this fantastic, long, heavy leather leash.  It's not a for-show piece; it's totally utilitarian – literally it's made for a big bio-dog.  The market was on two floors, each of which is bigger than the size of Frolicon’s vender room.  There was a serious fuck load of venders!  But Friday afternoon we just did a quick walk-though.

Then we went back up to the room for a nap.  I snuggled up in bed w/ my Alpha, and we had an actual nap, not a “Loki nap” (which involves being in bed during the day, but doesn’t involve doing anything restful).  Unfortunately, Sir was too tired to get up for the rubber party, so we napped through it.  Too bad, since I love any excuse to pull on my sexy, black and green, rubber hood.

We did, however, make it to Gear Blast – the party for guys (and one or two girls) w/ gear fetishes.  I wore my motorcycle sport bike suit.   

 There were a few other sport bike suits, various sports kit (Loki, of course, wore Underarmor), rubber, pup hoods, fur-suits, and uniforms.  I think both the Alpha and I found the party a little disappointing, though.  Not bad – but we didn’t really meet anybody new or hook-up or anything.  The best part for me, by far, came when my Alpha ran into a couple of rubber guys he knew and struck up conversation while I knelt at his feet.  Oh, that felt so good!  I hadn’t been allowed to cum in a little over three weeks, and I’d already sent Sir a text saying that I wanted to spend IML “kneeling at your feet, on my leash, in pain.”  Well, there was no pain, yet, but it was still hot as fuck!  Plus, one or two of the rubber guys petted me, so I was a happy (and horny) wolfhound.  *wags*

Still, we left Gear Blast early and Loki took me out to pizza.  I prefer New York style thin crust pizza, but naturally we had to try some Chicago style deep dish.  “Deep dish” = a bread bowl full of tomato paste.  It was good, but I’ll stick w/ my thin crust, thanks.

Sir didn’t feel like returning to Gear Blast (it was now, around 11:30 pm), so we just headed back to up our room.  This led to sexy fun time, and the wolfhound got to milk his Alpha’s bone.  Hooray for a yummy desert!  ;)   Sir edged me but wouldn’t let me cum.  He said Id have to wait until Sunday – maybe until after Woof Camp.  “Just think of how horny you’ll be, rolling around w/ all those cute puppies after three weeks w/o cumming…”  *drools*

Oh, boy…  It’s going to be that kind of con.  ;)

To be continued…

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