Thursday, May 29, 2014

International Mr. Leather, 2014 – Part 3, Art and the Park

 Sunday morning a very horny wolfhound woke up snuggled-up w/ his Saint Bernard.  Three weeks and change in chastity topped-off w/ a night of being beaten and fucked out of my mind (seriously… out of my mind - woof!) was finally rewarded when Sir gave me a hand-job and allowed me to shoot for him.  OOOOhhhhhhhhhh…  *sigh*

Shower and dress, and Nitro, Sir, and I then went out for breakfast at this posh bunch café.  I had maybe the best banana Foster’s French toast a la mode ever.

Sir had lined-up a play date w/ Dreadfire (I think?)… which was cool w/ me b/c, having never been in Chicago before, I really, really wanted to get out of the hotel and do some sight seeing.  So Sir cut his wolfhound loose for the day.  IML’s hotel was easy walking distance of Millennium Park and the Art Institute (as seen in Farris Bueller’s Day Off).  I walked over the river and walked through the park to the museum.  A few observations about Chicago traffic:  There are a lot of very brave bicyclists in Chicago.  I wouldn’t even like to drive a car in that mess, and there crazy bicyclists weaving though traffic all over.  Large balls or small brains?  Also, Chicago drivers really believe in horns but not turn signals.  In the South, even in big cities, you rarely hear a horn blow, and when you do it’s usually reluctantly and for an appropriate reason (i.e. to warn somebody who doesn’t see you and is merging into your lane).  In Chicago, they blow their horns all the damn time, and often for no apparent reason.  Traffic stops at a red light; somebody blows their horn.  Traffic pauses for pedestrians at a crosswalk w/ a walk light; somebody blows their horn.  It’s nuts!  And I never saw anybody use a turn signal. Is that just a Southern thing?  We kind of like to warn people when we are turning or changing lanes.

So… the Art Institute is just fucking amazing!  Its collection is fantastic.  This alone was worth the cost of airfare.  I saw so many wonderful things, and a few times I just about literally had my breath taken away.  I really mean that – there were a few pieces I saw that just staggered me.  One was a De Chircho that blew my damn mind.  So amazing!
I was also blown away by one of their Van Goghs.  All four Van Goghs were great, but this one took my breath away.  The toothpaste-thick impasto!  The vibrant colors!  It just... lives!

Of course I saw the obligatory Nighthawks, American Gothic, and Sunday Afternoon…

… and so much more!  The Indian collection is wonderful!  The Picassos were great (the Old Guitarist!).  Monets.  The whole Impressionism collection is fantastic!  And a great collection of surrealism.  Three by Paul Klee.  Cezanne.  Elizabeth Murray.  John Singer Sargent.  The Chagall windows!  It was a truly amazing experience.  What a treasure house of wonders!

As I came out of the museum – high as a kite – I was delighted to find a free symphony playing in the park amphitheater, so I paused for 10 or 15 minutes to lie in the sun and enjoy the music.  The amphitheater itself is awesome.  There’s a spider web of rigging overhead w/o any support poles blocking the view.  Very neat engineering.

I spent some time in the park, walking around w/ my shirt off, trying to get some sun on this pale Scottish-Swedish skin of mine.  I enjoyed a Chicago style hotdog and a shirtless beer in the park.  One more landmark worth noting is this cool fountain they have where the surfaces are giant video screens w/ moving faces on them.  Neat stuff.

It was a fantastic outing, and I was walking on sunshine as I headed back to the hotel to get ready for – drum roll – Woof Camp!!!!!!

To be concluded… tomorrow.

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  1. Chicago traffic and honking has NOTHING on New York's. Chicago looks quaint in comparison.