Wednesday, May 28, 2014

International Mr. Leather, 2014 – Part 2, Saturday

 Day two at my first ever (hopefully not my last) IML:  I woke up curled up on the floor where my Alpha sent me to bed, frustrated, Friday night.  He let me suck him off and edged me before sending me (still w/ my leash on) down to the floor to go to sleep like a good puppy dog.  *drools*  This meant for a restless, horny night.  Mind you, I also hadn’t been allowed to cum in over three weeks.  I woke up on the floor, literally curled up w/ Sir’s sexy, high shine, leather boots… and hard.

Sir Loki, Pup Nitro, and I walked out for breakfast together, and then, back at the hotel, Sir leashed me and took me to the market to shop around.  I was curious about finding some more gear in my black-and-green color scheme (to match my hood… and my tattoo… and my pretty, green eyes).  We looked over a few possibilities: a green harness, black neoprene shorts w/ green piping, a black rubber shirt w/ green trim…  Nothing that was in my meager price-range screamed “buy me!” so I settled on a $10 green cock ring as a souvenir.  There was some nice stuff, but I was trying to be very money conscious b/c I have some credit card debt I really need to clean-up.  But I collected a few vender business cards, so maybe once Christmas rolls around…

Sir got his high shine boots blacked.  They looked great afterwards!  The bootblack really brought out the red coloration in them.  Very nice.  Sir had a second bootblack ticket, so the plan was for me to get my leather dress pants blacked at some point.  They have some bad scratches on the knees.  (Can’t imagine how that happened.)  But for now, it was time for lunch, so we joined back up w/ Nitro and the three of us went out for some first rate Tai food.  Over lunch, Nitro shared some of his insight about leather contests and how they work and what the judges look for…

The next thing Sir and Nitro wanted to do was go to the Hellfire Club’s cocktail party.  The Leather Achieves & Museum had a display there honoring the history of the Hellfire Club – one of the oldest extant BDSM clubs in the country.  They also had some original artworks they were raffling off for charity – pretty cool drawings.  Best of all, though, was that I got to spend the event on-leash.  I think we could be doing just about anything; if the Alpha is dragging me around on my leash, I’m happy.

Then it was nap time for Sir, Nitro, and me.  Another real nap, not a “Loki nap,” which is something different… and not as restful.  After our actual, restful nap, we went to the pup meet-n-greet, which I as really looking forward to.  This was held in a big, hotel suite.  There were about two dozen pups and handlers crammed in there – some in gear, some not – including a few familiar faces from Dominion and our extended Atlanta pack, which I was delighted to see.  I didn’t do much talking, though.  I wore my wonderful rubber hood, and Sir had me on all fours on-leash, at his feet while he did more of the chit-chat (very okay w/ me).  Most of the pups were on two legs, but a few got down to nuzzle me and say hi.

I would have been happy to stay at the pup meet-n-greet; I’ve blogged in the past about how odd it is for me to have been a pup for so many years and know only a couple of other pups, and how in the last few years the community has exploded, so I get to meet, sniff, and pounce new pups at every event I go to.  However, Loki wanted to see some of the IML contest, and Nitro said this would be the best night (the pop questions).  So, Sir (still holding my leash), Nitro, and I (still wearing my hood) boarded the bus to shuttle us over to the contest location.  We took our seats.  Pup Ranger came over to say hi.  Sir got me a rum-n-coke w/ a straw so I could sip it w/ my puppy hood on.  The contest started.  I pulled my glasses out of my vest pocket and balanced them on my muzzle so I could see the show better.  Sir snorted, and said to Nitro that I looked like Mr. Peabody.

Speaking to Nitro, I pointed at Sir and said, “And this is my boy, Sherman.”

Sir hit me in the nuts.


Nitro stayed for the whole event, but after about half the contest, Sir decided it was time to seek some dinner, so we shared a cab w/ a nice couple back to the IML hotel (and saw fireworks along the way).  We had dinner at a fancy steakhouse.  (I took my hood off… but still wore my leash. Normally I'm not this "out" w/ fetish stuff in public, but the steakhouse was right across the street from the IML hotel, so if you only looked out the window you saw guys in leather and gear.)  Back at the hotel, Sir smoked a cigar out front.  I fucking HATE smoking, and Sir said I could go inside… but inside the lobby was so crowded and crazy loud that I went back out front.  I asked Sir to re-hood me, and then I knelt at his feet while he smoked (smoke rises, and the rubber helped mask the nasty ass smell… not that I actually need an excuse to wear my hood and kneel at my Alpha’s feet).  I remember a few people took photos of us while we were out there.

Eventually we headed back up to our room… where Sir stripped me and tied me face down, spread-eagle to the bed.  First he bit me, flogged me, and whipped me Shdwkitten-style (i.e. no warm up – my Owner is a zero-to-sixty Top).  He said he was feeling mean.  (Because usually he’s a kind and generous Sir.)

Then he crawled on top of me and we had some ferocious werewolf sex.  Puppy likes werewolf sex!  Both Loki and I are usually very non-verbal during sex: we growl, snarl, bark, yelp, and whimper – but don’t speak much.  However, once in a blue moon, we get in this headspace where we both get quite verbal.  This (for whatever reason) was one of those times.  He kept calling me his “little fuck puppy” and his “cock hound.”  Really tripped my triggers!  Add to this, that he reminded me that I wasn’t going to cum tonight.  For some perverse reason, knowing that he wasn’t going to allow me to cum made the whole experience even hotter.  I think amongst all my own half-crazed babbling, I thanked him profusely for not letting me cum too soon.  I apparently also begged him not to stop fucking me and damn near cried when he finally pulled out.  (And I do mean “finally” – it apparently was a really, really long fuck.  I think Nitro went out for pizza and came back while we were still going at it.)

I think I really was looking this weekend to get into a deep submissive headspace w/ Sir.  Of course, it helps that the more turned-on I get the more putty-in-his-hands I become… and Loki knows how to push all of his wolfhound’s buttons.  *wags*

Thus ends a very steamy Saturday at IML 2014.

To be continued…

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