Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Puppy at the Woodshed

 So, last weekend I served as one of the judges for the North Carolina Leather Contest, which is now held as part of the Tradesmen’s leather run.  When they asked me to be one of the judges for this thing I was like: “Whaaaaaaat!?  Why would they ask me!?”  So it was reassuring to hear that I was not alone – when I was announced as a judge they got plenty of calls and messages going: “Whaaaaaaat!?  Why would you ask Emrys!?”  Let's say, it was a bold and unconventional choice...

I was flying solo for the contest events, but my Owner and Poet were able to join us all Saturday evening for dinner w/ the CAPEXians and the celebration party at the Woodshed, Charlotte.  That was so much fun!  For the first time, Ma’am allowed me to put on my new hood around her.  She really doesn’t like hoods.  She finds them creepy, so I usually don’t get to wear a puppy hood when we play together.  But Saturday night she not only let me wear my hood, but she even held my leash almost the whole night (minus a couple of times she handed me off to others), and (big surprise for me) she even petted my head/hood a couple of times.  Being allowed to pup out was a much needed release after the contest.  Being such an introvert and being there w/o my family made for a rather taxing experience.  Contest over, it was so nice just to let go and pup the fuck out.

It was just a really great time for me.  Being out at the bar in my hood is wonderful – being on leash too!  *wags*  I’m used to being out as a pup in the dungeon and at Frolicon, but doing it at a bar is something I had not done before.  Being able to drop to all fours for scritches and pets while everyone else is drinking, flirting and socializing – that was great.  Not having to talk to anyone was nice.  Seriously.  Just being a puppy...  A few of times I was taken for a walk (by Jade, Orange, and Stick) while Ma’am hung out, drank, flirted, chatted, ate jello shots off boobies, and kissed the Otter.  She kissed the Otter a lot, actually.  But that's fine, b/c I also seem to recall a couple of times I ended up w/ my puppy nose planted in Stick’s crotch.

One of the guys who works at the Shed took my photo to add to their collection.  Apparently they’ve never had a pup there.  Well, I mean, I’ve been there several times (not often, but I usually drop in at the Shed once or twice a year), but I’ve never been there in pup mode before.  Several other guys asked to have their photo taken with me… and I think there were a few leather daddies there who would have liked to have done more w/ the puppy than take a photo – I got a lot of admitting looks.  All of which was great fun for me b/c “puppy” is another name for “attention whore.”  Fun! Fun!  Fun!

After midnight, it also happened to be Poet’s birthday.  (The Forth will be with him… always.)  Ma’am (who was pretty lit) started telling everybody around that it was his birthday.  Then she went and located the Woodshed’s owner.  He announced over the PA to everyone that it was Poet’s birthday, and then he used a huge paddle to give some birthday spankings to a highly embarrassed Poet Gareth.

I really enjoyed spending time w/ friends: both our CAPEX family and our new friends from the Atlanta Panthers who had come up for the leather run.  Being able to be a puppy at the leather bar made it all the better.  Seeing my Owner laughing, flirting and having fun as well as being so giddy over embarrassing Poet – that was icing on the cake.

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