Monday, July 21, 2014

Fire and Ice… and a few Films

This weekend we watched some movies, saw people on fire, saw liquid nitrogen used on people, I got to pup-out w/ my Owner, and Jesus watched over us all.

Friday night, Poet and I did some home improvements for the Treehouse (yea… pluming…), before the three of us settled down to watch Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope.  Rope is generally considered to be one of Hitch’s lesser films: experimenting w/ the idea of doing a film in (what appears to be) one, continuous take.  I think it’s a pretty good movie w/ some great, witty dialogue penned by Hume Cronyn, and great performances by the two lead actors – and also by Cedrick Hardwick (whose son would later play my favorite Dr. Watson opposite Jeremy Brett).  To me, the biggest weakness of the film is its miscast star James Stewart.  The film is inspired by the Leopold and Loeb murder of 1924 in which two cerebral homosexual lovers who misread too much Nietzsche murdered a 14-year-old boy just for intellectual kicks.  Hitch’s film introduces the character of Rupert Cadell (Stewart) as the mysterious, charming, witty, genius, rouge philosopher who (it is implied) once canoodled w/ one of the murders when he was in prep school and who unintentionally inspired the murder.  Hitchcock wanted Cary Grant for the role of Cadell and Grant would have been prefect.  Stewart (a great actor) is completely miscast and doesn’t come off as charming or mysterious or even a genius – even if he has some very witty dialogue written for him.  I give it a B-.  Fun but flawed.

Saturday we drove down to SC for Columbia TNG’s Fire and Ice demo w/ Mr. Vanilla and Dr. Tactical.  This was one of the best demos I’ve seen recently!  First Mr. Vanilla did fire play.  This was actually the very first thing I ever tried my first time at a CAPEX party long, long ago – and led to me being asked to be a fire play demo bottom at CAPEX two months later, which led to me becoming one of the regular demo-bottoms at CAPEX back in the early-mid 2000s.  But what made this demo stand out was really Mr. Vanilla’s sense f humor.  He’s a very entertaining presenter.  Dr. Tactical is also lots of fun, and his liquid nitrogen demo has been a big hit at Frolicon.  It’s fun and very unique.  After they each did their things, they then did a scene/performance together co-topping one bottom w/ fire and liquid nitrogen at the same time – and just for fun they threw in a little electricity, too.  It was way cool!  My Owner is working on booking them to do this at CAPEX next year, which is part of the reason we went down there to see this.

One other fun fact worth mentioning: This event was held in a Catholic men’s fraternity hall (“Yes, they know what we’re doing.”) w/ Jesus on his crucifix hanging over the demo/dungeon space.  That added a whole other level of comedy to the event, as you can imagine.  One that sticks out, when the guys did something that got their demo bottom to go, “Oh, god, oh, god, oh, god, oh, god!” and Mr. Vanilla just turns and gives Jesus a thumbs up.  LOL

The play party… wasn’t as great.  They had one big, open space w/ no separate space for socializing, so (1) most of the play furniture was being used by people sitting on/around it talking, and (2) when you played, there was no way not to hear all the surrounding conversations.  The other issue was that they only provided water – no snack food or soda – and we each had varying degrees of blood sugar drop.

Those issues aside, we had fun.  Ma’am beat me up, and then I got on my pup gear.  I chose my PVC suit.  I love how sexy this suit is, but it doesn’t breath, so it’s not great for heavy moshing.  This evening, there were no other pups to play with, so I figured it’d be good.  Ma’am and Poet were planning on playing next, so I was just going to hang out near their feet while they played and follow them around on all fours.  But my Owner really surprised her hound by asking some folks to clear off the mat where they were sitting and talking so we could use it.  Ma’am got down on all fours and romped w/ her puppy.  That was an unexpected treat – especially since I had my hood on, and Ma’am generally isn’t crazy about my hood.  She’s still not crazy about it, but afterwards she did complement how much it brings out my green eyes.  So Shdwkitten and I played on the mat w/ one of my fetch toys while Poet went outside to smoke a cigar.

Then Ma’am left me w/ 3 or 4 of the Columbia TNG kids to pet me and play a little more fetch w/ me while she checked-in w/ Poet.  I love having new people pet me and play w/ me while I’m in pup-mode!  That’s a lot of the joy of being a puppy and going out to events in pup-mode.  I’d have stayed in pup-mode longer (although I was about ready to just curl up and puppy nap for a bit), but when Ma’am came back she was concerned about how hot I was.  Literally hot - she didn’t want her puppy to overheat.  So she took me out of my gear… I sat w/ her and Poet in the cigar tent for a while where we met a cool kid from Asheville who recognized us from the Domination events we go to up there… and then we decided we needed to head home/go find snack food.

Sunday, Kitten made us breakfast, and we decided to have a lazy day in front of the TV.  We watched the Lego movie.  It’s really good.  It starts out okay and gets better as it goes – and the ending is really perfect.  After that we watched Kelly’s Heroes, a fun, classic comedy/war movie w/ a great cast that came out the same year as M*A*S*H (which also stared Donald Sutherland)… Then Kitten cooked a fabulous dinner and we finished off our evening w/ a really good BBC Shakespeare documentary.

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